Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid

Who would ever have thought that a pool vacuum could be customizable? With the Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid you are able to choose how long your vacuum will move forwards and backwards so that it can clean any shape of pool. This guidance system and these settings also allow for it to climb a 60° incline all while working out the best way to clean your pool. This vacuum is designed specifically for above ground pools however it is able to clean some in-ground pools as well.

The Aquabot Pool Rover has wheels that are free-spinning, do not stick so it can go anywhere without getting stuck. The wheels have been built extra large, with a 2-inch clearance and non-marring so that even the ripples and folds in the bottom of your above-ground pool will be no match for the rover. It has filter bags instead of filter cartridges and the bags hold up to 19-quarts and can filter from small 2micron algae up to large leaves. Cleaning your filter bag is easy although you do need to turn your unit over to access the filter bag. Once out you can remove the debris, wash it down with a hose and re-use the bag. Should your bag require a deep clean then pop it into your washing machine and it will be as good as a new one.

The jet-propulsion makes light work of even the dirtiest pool and should clean your pool in less than an hour, however should it take a wee bit longer, the unit will switch off automatically after a two hour cycle. It works by means of its own electrical power source that feeds electricity to your unit by means of a 40ft floating cable which is enough length to be able to clean a 36ft long pool. The onboard pump is the patented Simply Reliable™ single onboard pump that is costs effective in that it lowers the cost of wear and tear on having to replace parts. There have been complaints that the Rover didn’t go exactly where you wanted it to go thus leaving some dirt behind but all in all this Aquabot pool cleaner does an outstanding job.

In general the Aquabot Pool rover is a great all round pool cleaner that uses advanced technology to give the consumer the best possible clean when it comes to their pools. You want a pool cleaner to be easy to use, easy to program and to do what it has been designed to do and that is clean your pool no matter what its shape. All nooks and crannies need to be cleaned properly, leaving you with oodles of time to enjoy the summer months swimming in your pool without having to worry about your health and the cleanliness of your pool. The Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid does all of this and more so all you need to do is plug it in to its power source, place it in your pool and switch it on. You can then watch it while it works or come back when it is done.

Aquabot Pool Cleaners act like a powerful sump pumps and filters on wheels. These cleaners operate without belts, gears, bearings, pads, swivels, wings, feet, hoses, shoes or complex drive motors that’s why it’s have not any annual repair expenses.

  • This pool cleaning robot can clean 5400 sq. ft. per hour. It’s very easy to customize and also automatic.
  • In less than one hour a Jet propelled system can clean 24 foot diameter floor and slopes pool
  • These pool cleaners can clean everything from large leaves to small as 2 microns. It is so easy-to-clean because of it has reusable 19-quart micro filter bag
  • Proper guideline of these pool Rover help you to set easily and will clean the floor of any shape aboveground pool
  • Extra-wide non-marring wheels allow it to roll over ripples and printed vinyl pool bottoms