Baby Car Seat Reviews

As a new parent you need to tack care about your new born baby when you want to go outside anywhere including home from the hospital. You need to get a best car seat for your baby when you are travel on car. To assist you we find out best car seat for you. Hare under you find the baby car seat reviews. 

Britax Convertible Car Seat

Travelling is one of the daily activities that parents define as ‘inevitable’. It is a necessary activity. The child needs a comfortable seat that will keep the child in place and absorb shock in case of a sudden occurrence or a bad road that may cause the car to move this way and that. The Britax convertible car seat is one solution to parents travelling worries. It is good for a gift to a couple which is expecting a child or recently received their bundle of joy.

Travelling is one of the daily activities that parents define as ‘inevitable’. It is a necessary activity. The child needs a comfortable seat that will keep the child in place and absorb shock in case of a sudden occurrence or a bad road that may cause the car to move this way and that. The Britax convertible car seat is one solution to parents travelling worries. It is good for a gift to a couple which is expecting a child or recently received their bundle of joy.

The seat has a wonderful safety belt, vertically set to hold your baby in place. Baby’s head is kept safe from head to forth movement. It is a convertible seat, a fact that makes it be used by the growing child for a long period of time. First, the seat can be used in a rear facing position. This allows it to perfectly suit the young child who weighs less or up to 65 pounds. This happens in the first year of life. Secondly, as the child increases in weight and size, the seat can be converted to suit the bigger child. It has the front side that will be best for children from one year on. After they leave this seat, they will be ready to graduate to a car seat and wear the safety belt.

It is designed for children who weigh between 05 (five) and 65 (sixty five) pounds. It comes with a Safe cell technology feature that compresses and supports the baby firmly but safely in case of a car clash. Prevention is better than cure and having such a Safe cell is very important. It reduces injuries and rules out the sudden shock that would harm your baby. It works by lowering the center of Gravity and counteracts the forward rotation of the child. It is a wonderful ability that would assure the parent all is well even when the worst happens on the road.

The seat has integrated Steel bars that strengthen the connection to the vehicle and that reducing forward flexing that would occur during the clash and strain baby’s back. It is also fortified to offer a side Impact Protection provided by the deep side walls that are properly lined with energy absorbing foam that distributes pressure in case of a crash, leaving your child well protected. It is a dream car seat that you definitely need.

It does not provide safety in times on clash only. Those are present features to take care of the uncertainties that we are sure do occur. The vertical safety belt cuts through the tummy to both shoulders to hold the baby in the seat. The hands are free to hold onto the water or milk bottle for the child to take as they travel. Should they fall asleep along the way; the supports keep the head protected. It is stylish and comfortable. You will be glad to notice how the convertibility serves to give you true value. If one were to buy separate car seats for each age, it would be too much. This one seat is the one you need for the various ages. Bring the comfort home to your child with the Britax convertible baby car seat.

Britax Frontier Harness 2 Booster Baby Car Seat Reviews

Cars are our second houses. We put in them the best music and seats to carry with us the comfort and a touch of class we stand for. Comfort for the baby inside the car has been given a priority with considerations for the child’s age and size. Car seats by Britax have been undergoing a metamorphosis to evolve better models and more comfortable environment for ht baby. They are tailored to the needs of each age, and you cannot go wrong with this choice of car seat.

While many baby car seats are manufactured with safety belts to keep the baby in place and serves a shock absorber, this unique type of car seat is not the same. In case of an emergency or instant breaking by the driver, the weight positioning booster in this design of car seat keeps both the child and the seat in place. Parents who are not comfortable with the idea of belting up an infant can always go for the Britax range of car seats which use a harness instead of a safety belt. The harness is a beautifully designed elastic system that keeps the baby well positioned as the car moves.

The good thing with the harnessed car seats is that the seat can be used by a child and then be passed on to the siblings that are born after it. The seat harness is adjustable to suit the growing child. It has a comfort foam cushion that absorbs shock while holding the baby firmly yet comfortably in position. It has integrated cup folders and armrests for maximum child comfort. Most children reportedly love the seat and they can express it because the seats are for use by children who may have acquired language.

The seat has a height of up to twenty inches, comfortable for the tall children. It has a range of 4 to 9 harnesses that are not affected when the seat size is being adjusted for the child. As mentioned before, the seat a thick foam cushion that not only absorbs shock but provides comfort and keeps the child properly positioned. The seat has a cup holder for the child’s water or milk bottle, feeling that they are at the comfort of their home!

An additional feature is the patented Energy absorbing Versa-Tether that has release tether webbing. This prevents bending to the front that would cause spine damage. It is also very useful in case of a car accident. The child would be held in a safe position, nicely shielded from the danger of sudden shock. The seat is recommended for a child from two years of age.

The maintenance of the car seat has been made easy too. The cover is both durable and washable, meaning the parents will not need to keep replacing the covers. They can be changed, for a variety and for fashion the child prefers as it grows. Worth noting, too is the premium push button that quickly but simply adjusts the latch with a tight installation.

This wonderful product cannot be simply described in a short essay as it has so many benefits to offer to the child and peace of mind to the driving parent. It creates a wonderful experience during travels that all would dare not miss.

Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat

When a vehicle suddenly stops, anything not held right will keep moving including passengers. This is due to inertia. Your internal organs would also be in motion. So when a car has an abrupt stop, your organs would be smashed risking your life and that’s why we are using seat belt. However it is designed for adults who would hold the pelvis and ribcage tight so that you are safe. It applies the maximum stopping force to your shoulders.

For a seat belt to do its job right, you must be seated in correct position. Obviously an adult seat belt won’t suit for child. Instead, seat belts designed especially for children should be used.

How to Select:

  1. Adjustable Base – To position your baby properly.
  2. Canopy – Hood that protects against sun, wind, or rain.
  3. Detachable Base – To make the base stay in the car
  4. Harness -Three-point harnesses go over the shoulders and crotch; five-point harnesses go over the shoulders, legs, and crotch to make secure.
  5. Level Indicator – To ensure about positioning.
  6. Tether Strap – Connects top of the car seat to a constant anchor to offer added

Types of Car Seats:

There are three basic types of child car seats, based on ages (and sizes) of children:

Type Description

Rear-facing infant seats and convertible seats

  1. Suitable for babies from birth to 12 months (20 pounds)
  2. Greater protection for babies head, neck and spine.
  3. Additional features that allows using it as a baby carrier.
  4. 5-point harness is preferred

Forward-facing child seats

  1. Suitable for children over than one year. (30 or 35 pound)
  2. Best used in the rear of the car.
  3. 5-point harness and a front harness adjuster preferred.

Booster seats and backless boosters

  1. Suitable for child who is considered too big, usually at the at the age of four and six( 40 pounds)
  2. Works by raising the child so that the adult seatbelt fits across the pelvis and ribcage.
  3. If the vehicle has low seats, then use a high backed model.

Buying a Car seat:

When looking for a car seat considers factors like age and weight of your child. The best car seat would be one which meets the above factors. Try to avoid buying second-hands as it would have cracks. Most new car seats starting from 2019 is built based on LATCH System.

LATCH denotes “Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children”. It eliminates the need to use seat belts to secure the child car seat to the vehicle. However, you can use both LATCH and Seat belt systems provided the seats should not move side to side. Following these instructions is vital to ensure the safety of your child.

Baby car seat reviews of “Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat “comes under first classification. It is designed for children from birth to 12 months. The product has a belly pad, built in vehicle belt lock offs, plush & washable seat cover, tangle-free polyester 14-point harness and also the use of LATCH System. It has side support and protection in all sides.

Detachable Base

  • Type: Convertible
  • Seating Direction: Rear / Forward Facing
  • Restraint System: 14-Point Safety Harness
  • Adjustable Harness Height: Adjustable Harness Height
  • Weight Limit: 5 – 65 lbs.

Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat Lilla

As the name puts out, this is a classy car sit for a small child. Many families often have many travelling plans. This is because they want to have some time together with their families which include even the youngest one in the family. The idea of going out to national parks and animal orphanages is usually given the first chance. Why the infant car seat is important is because many of the roads leading to the parks are often rugged and very rough. This seat is fastened on the other seat to make sure that the baby is safe and free from any type of shock.

This wonderful infant car seat is designed for safety, comfort and convenience. With its removable newborn insert, the key-fit 30 car seat accommodates babies from the weight of four to thirty pounds. This baby-seat has a thick and soft cushion including a five-point safety harness also lined with energy absorbing foam to increase your baby’s safety and comfort. It has a perfect base with a spring assisted level foot, two precision bubble levels and center-pull latch adjustment allow quick and correct installation from either side of your vehicle. This in turn gives you much confidence that your child is well secured inside the vehicle.

Furthermore, the baby’s head support is removable to provide additional support for a young infant’s head. This keeps the baby’s head in a good position and enhances good circulation of blood from the heart to the brain of the young child. Installing the base with a vehicle belt is also very easy. You need to simply the vehicle belt through the openings in the base and then buckle and tighten the belt. Then, secure the shoulder strap firmly into its belt lock-off, which locks the vehicle shoulder belt in place. This ensures a stable, secure base installation. This infant car seat is certified for use in commercial aircraft.

It also has a recline indicator which is very helpful in ensuring proper base installation. The recline angle can be adjusted with the spring-assisted level foot by pushing the recline buttons while lifting the base. You can be confident that the angle is correct when the entire bubble is between the arrows on the indicator. The other thing that has provided information is about securing and releasing the carrier which is as easy as the other procedures. You will need to align the carrier with the base and push firmly until you hear a click. Pulling the release handle while lifting the carrier out will release the carrier.

It also has a carrier handle with three locked positions to help you carry, store and keep the carrier in a standing position for security. Locking the handle will help you to transport it safely. All these are sold for a very fair price.


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