Best Kid Bike Brands 2020

Kids are the most selective people in our midst. Usually, they don’t like what they have been provided. And we are making choice for this by finding the right kid bike brands. In our investigation and analysis, we have chosen the best kid bike brands for your children. It`s necessary to find the excellent size in order that it will get fit for your child. The review that you will see in regards to the best kid bike brand is chosen by our specialists and feedback from customers played the big part to create this list..

Some of us have produced a number of suggestions for your kid, beginning from “priority start” and “Woom3” for 16-inch following by “Guardian bike” and “Mongoose Legion L100” of20 inches and “SE Bikes So Cal Flyer City Grounds” and “Diamondback Ryda” bikes Downhill of 24 inches. This is the best bike brands for your lovely kids up to know..

We Hope you would like the reviews we made.

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Best kid bikes 16 inch :

Do we have one of the best 16? wheel kids bikes are available for kids grown up 4 and 5 years of age. Picking out the ideal bicycle for your young child will depend on their tallness, inside leg evaluation, and riding capacity, apart from your financial plan and how regularly and where will probably be ridden.

1. Guardian Bikes – Ethos Series

Solid and durable design Dual and brakes Maintenance-free belt drive train The Consideration Begin Protector Bikes – Ethos Series 16 inch has a freewheel building design and as a result of the upright seat, your kids can have a comfortable and confident situation on the bike for much better stability. The bicycle will fill a space considering children who will start on a balance bike this actually also bike has a sturdy build and is a great decision for four (04) – to six (06) -year-old who is still receiving the hang of pedaling. Parents can have assurance in this bike as the child will have comfortable riding as their hands will be totally free of grime and chain grease.



#Pros and Cons


  • Perfect bike
  • Well made and great looking kids bike
  • Great customer services
  • Professional setup
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Safer, smarter looking
  • Easily control bike


  • Gear shift difficult

2.Woom 3 Pedal Bike

Light-weight aluminum frame design,

stable and safe for riding

Optimized for an upright riding position,

Kenda Small Block 1.5″ lightweight low-profile balloon tires

This bike is extremely wonderful due to its top quality, lightweight, safe and designed particularly for kids by experts. This bike is light. Extremely light. Your kids will have no trouble carrying it around. The microscopic scoop/ledge on the back of the seat will help him ride very simple because you don’t have to keep the handlebars with him.



#Pros and Cons


  • Hassle-free assembly
  • Top quality bike for kids
  • Best rear Hand V-Brake
  • Aluminum design
  • Good balance bike
  • Kid friendly bike
  • Optimal gearing and drivetrain
  • Great light well-built bike


  • Price is high
  • First time nervous to drive

Best kid bikes 20 inch:

During the stage when your young child involves close to 6 years old, they likely might be ready to learn about a 20? wheel bicycle with rigging’s and the lion’s share of kids will probably be prepared by the age of 7 years. With this wheel determine, things can begin to get befuddling! There are many styles of 20? kids bicycles, with each designed for a different reason.

1.Guardian Bike 20 Inch

-Sure Stop braking system
– Single speed
-Lightweight can easy to pick up

This bike is going to be super safe for your child as it has SURESTOP BRAKE SYSTEM that will protect against head-over-handlebar accidents and enable kids to stop faster. The award-winning brake method is why the world`s safest bike. The glowing design not only makes your child’s bike the safest but also it makes it the best one.



#Pros and Cons


  • Easy to ride
  • Lightweight design
  • Safety first
  • Hassle free shipping
  • High-quality bike for kids
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Great looking bike
  • Easy to control


  • Top price bike 

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2.Mongoose Legion L100

-Easily-removed brake mounts

-25x9T gearing with cassette driver

-Durable 2-piece tubular cromo 175 mm cranks

It’s a great bike. It will make feel much better and solid landing jumps during the park and also it will be constructed assurance. The L100 has supported anything that you ought to be trying to find in a BMX. Made of full 4130-Chromoly. Not hi-tensile steel. Also has strong double-wall rims, female front axle, and covered bearings. The paint finish looks to be top quality as well. Definitely, suggest this bike.

#Pros and Cons


  • Solid design bike
  • Great for beginner kids
  • Approve by Tweenager
  • Lightweight design and color 
  • Five start customer feedback
  • Affordable price


  • Missing some part
  • Poor condition

Best kid bike 24 inch :

Brake with alloy brake levers for sharp stops 24-inch bicycles are suitable for children in the 7 to 11 age go, although this can differ conditional upon the span of the youngster and the geometry of the individual bicycle. (Regarding choosing the right measurement bicycle afterward).

1.SE Bikes Floval Flyer 24-2019

-Exclusive Edition City Good reason Colorway

-Lightweight 6061 Material Floral Tubing Frame

-SE 3-pc Cr-Mo, 180mm, has Euro-Sealed Having Bottom level Bracket, 39T SE Sprocket

-SEL and ing Gear Fork

-SEP ad set

This bike has special edition colorway comes with a Gloss Black paint, and is congratulated with chrome decals and chrome/silver elements. The 2018 SE Bikes So Cal Flyer 24? BMX Bike tends to make waves in which you can take it. Supplied with a 6061 aluminum outline, 24-inch wheels, and obsolete feels. The eager and great parts and amazing structure, the expense of this bicycle stays inside accomplish Take this bicycle for a journey through the city and feel the variation.



#Pros and cons


  • Excellent design
  • Lightweight
  • Landing gear
  • Full cr-mo fork w
  • Racing bike for kids
  • Comfortable seat
  • Floval Flyer
  • Good features


  • Price is high
  • Some part missing after shipping

2.Guardian Bikes – Ethos Series 24

Light-weight aluminum design that is both durable and easy to lift

– 24 x 1.75 tires offer you confirmed up to  5,000 miles.

– Shimano 8-speed grip shift,

-High-quality alloy V-brakes with linear pull

Kids will go all out on the Alpine. The fundamental plan and toughly great looks decide on this an excellent decision for children hoping to go to hill trails or stop ways. Be that as it can certainly, whenever you add some benefits of a lightweight aluminum outline, level free tires, and child reasonable geometry, it truly bodes well for guardians. This is completely placed and worked to last so your rider can get out and get pleasure from outside. One of the best children bicycles are the ones that will be protected and fun, so realizing your kids is acceptable in the seat will go far to create this buy a long lasting one. Expect this summary will help you to select the right option for your kid. The above-mentioned bikes come from the best kids bike brands because they are solidly built and well proportionate for young riders. These are generally an excellent option for a beginner.



#Pros and Cons


  • Patented sure stop braking system for faster and smoother
  • Shimano Revoshift grip
  • Good balance and maneuverability
  • Best quality build for the price
  • More fun, kids-approved design
  • Upgraded bike


  • Gear shift doesn’t work sometimes.

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3. Huffy Mountain Bike

The Huff Mountain is the great bike for Mountain riding. It is very awesome that this bike arrives 90% assembled however the remaining 10% will probably take most of the people around one hour to finish this work. The bike provides a great feature for your kids. Most exceptional this bike is a lightweight and colorful design making great. The offering more rolling momentums it is easier to pedal for speed and smooth acceleration. Design and looking is very good for this bike. The bike is also more than safety, smoother, and faster for your kids.



#Pros and Cons


  • Good design
  • Best price
  • Lightweight
  • The matte acid green color
  • Mounted bike
  • Easy to assembly
  • Very fast shipping
  • Aluminum frame


  • Missing some parts
  • Broken front tire

4.New 2017 Raleigh Rowdy 24 Complete Mountain Bike

The Raleigh Rowdy 24 takes adventures across the local community, easy dust hiking trails, and muddy puddles in stride, and then begs for additional. When kids are prepared for a 24 inch bike, the Rowdy 24 ` approach to maintain their joy for cycling alive. A twist shifter enables them to apply choosing the best gear for the best situation. Knobby 1.95 inch tires offer grip on dirt paths and include some mountain bike fashion. The Raleigh Jr. Mountain saddle and Jr. grips may seem like those available on an adult bike, but they’re built to fit the amounts of a growing child. The Rowdy 24 will keep them zipping around having a massive grin. I would highly recommend the Raleigh bike for your kids.

#Pros and Cons


  • Top quality aluminum low Standover
  • Include Alloy V-brake
  • Revo seven-speed
  • Have one front and seven gears
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to assembly
  • Great customer feedback
  • Great bike for kids


  • No problem found