Best Radio Control Car Under $100 To Buy in 2020

Are you looking for a remote control car for yourself or as a gift for your loved one? You can go ahead and get help from Google to find the best quality remote control car. But will it really be effective enough for you?

If your budget is low and you are looking for a good quality RC Car under $100, then you have come to the right place because we are now going to make a list of the best radio control car under $100 in this article where we have some great and useful short.

I will highlight the price of RC Car.
You will also get an idea of ​​the guidelines that need to be followed to buy a good quality RC Car. So let’s get started with it.

1. Rabing Newer Remote Electric Rock Crawler

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At the top of our list we are going to place a model of a brand that has been dominating the world of radio control car for several years. Yes, we are talking about “Rabing”.

This wonderful brand has delivered some great quality rc cars to the customers. However, since we have this list of affordable radio control cars, we have given the first place to an affordable product of this brand and that is “Rabing Newer Remote Electric Rock Crawler”.

Although it is an affordable product, it does not mean that it is unable to meet the needs of the customers. It has come up with almost all the necessary features to reciprocate the trust of the customers. It is an off-road rock crawler and is built in such a way that it can be run on any end.

It also comes with semi-pneumatic
rubber tires to give the car maximum flexibility. The best part of this car is its tires which are made of high-quality PVC material that makes them resilient and soft. Another notable thing is, the tires come with a strong grip and they are anti-skid. It also allows you to drive on uneven terrain or slippery roads.

This RC car comes with a 2.4 GHz control frequency which helps you a lot in dealing with any problem. Undoubtedly, this car is considered to be the most reliable when it comes to remote control cars. This car has a control range of 164 feet which allows you to drive effortlessly.

It is also presented with a direction at the bottom so that the car can adjust automatically if it is not running straight. This wonderful car is equally effective for both children and adults and it is able to please anyone. This can be the perfect one who are searching for the best off road rc car under $100.

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2. VCANNY Remote Control Car

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If you are looking for an RC Car that comes with a high power brushed motor then the product we are going to describe is the best option for you.

The VCANNY Remote Control Car is a great RC Car that comes with a brushed 390 motor and delivers great speed.
This awesome car is capable of running at a speed of 30mph, which makes it great for kids. It also comes with a built-in and powerful battery, which allows you to have a play time for 20-30 minutes.

Another awesome aspect of this car is it has a great precise control. This car will allow you to operate in the 260-foot long range.
The car with huge heavy-duty wheels moves easily in all areas. It is no doublt a suitable option for both large and durable tires. They are also shock resistant which means that is safe for kids.

3. 1:12 DOUBLE E RC Car Monster Truck

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If you are looking for an off road RC Car that can be easily driven in the mountains then this Monster Truck is for you. This RC car includes a dual control mode, one is via phone app and the other is remote controller. You can choose any of them to run your RC car. It comes with a radio control system that allows you to run your car simultaneously. It also comes with the truck’s anti-collision capability so that it can be stable enough. You should be thankful to its flexible shock absorber.
It comes with a USB charging cable and it is convenient to charge via mobile phone, laptop, power bank etc. This is not so fast, but it climbs on top of reality. Its four tires all run at the same speed and seem to have gone through any of the mountains.
The Double E RC Off-Road Rechargeable Monster Truck includes cool front lights so that kids can have an amazing experience. This RC car is so easy to control that’s why it is suitable for adult and kids as well. It can also be considered without a doubt the best off road rc car under $100.

4. DEERC RC Cars Remote Control Car

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Who doesn’t want to use a user-friendly unit? You must want to, right? At this stage of our best radio control car under $ 100 list we have come up with a product that is highly usable and durable.

We’ve been talking about DEERC RC Cars Remote Control Car for so long. This RC car comes with dual control mode and can be controlled via phone app and remote controller.

The car also includes a 720p HD Wi-Fi camera plus a first-person transmission view that’s why you get a crystal clear view of videos and photos. Apart from these, it is a wide compatible vehicle that runs in all regions.

As we mentioned earlier it is a very durable car but the most plus point of it is that the advanced anti-skid tires of real design make it very convenient to use on the roads.

It also has an anti-collision beam that provides quality support and performance year after year. This RC car comes with a 2.4 GHz frequency so that you can play with your friends and family at home. It comes with an 800mAh 6V Ni-MH battery that allows you to have runtime fir 30-minutes.

5. Fistone RC High-Speed ​​Truck Car Remote Control

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We have already reached the third step of our list and at this stage we have selected a remarkable model of the Fistone brand “Fistone RC High-Speed ​​Truck Car”.

Fistone has always been known for building realistic and impressive truck cars and playing this model is no exception. You can find a high dual speed 1/16 scale 4WD in this RC car.

The dual motor is capable of delivering speeds up to 24MPh. Also this great car truck is waterproof, which makes it suitable for use on various sidewalks.

You may be surprised to know that it has a 2.4GZ radio remote control system which makes this car one step ahead of other RC cars. It works at a distance of 60-80 meters.

The truck is quite stable for four stable showers. It moves strongly and prevents vibrating pressure. The truck is powered by a powerful 7.4V 500MA lithium battery and it allows you to have a paly time for 15-20 hours.

How to Choose the Best Remote Control Car Under $100:

It is important to take the utmost care when buying anything because you will never want to regret what you are buying later.

So it is an important task to follow some guidelines. The same equation applies to a remote control car. There are lots of things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to purchasing the best quality remote control car.

We are now going to highlight all those issues. Hopefully, you will be able to choose your desired remote control car with our guideline.

Battery life

Do you know how to choose the best radio-controlled trucks?

There are two options for this survival: one is Li-Po and the other is Ni-Mh. Li-Po batteries tend to be extremely powerful and are only suitable for experienced users.

But the progressives are easy to use and designed for beginners. Li-Po batteries produce more power but are a bit more expensive. There are also some other brands of batteries available that last only for 15 minutes. On the other hand, some run longer on a single charge.


This is another important thing that you should keep in mind. If you want to buy a RC car then you need see how much speed it can provide to you.

It is so necessary because if it doesn’t have enough speed then you can’t be able to play it in a challenging place like in mountain.


Do you want your RC truck to last for a long time? Of course, your answer should be yes. But the fact is how can you choose a item that can be last longer?

No problem, there is a way and that is to do is to choose a product that is made from high quality parts. Usually, most of the best remote-controlled trucks are made with strong chassis.

You need to make sure that the internal parts are protected so that the toy does not break in case of any mishap.

Easy to use

Individual types of RC trucks must suit your needs. No matter, if you like the best 4WD RC truck or the best 1:10 scale, there is always an alternative option for everyone. But some users should also check your age in the product description, which is easier than others, so that you can differentiate how advanced the toy car is.


When you’re ready to choose your remote-controlled car or truck, the first thing you need to think is where you will use that car. Will it go through smooth ground or even grass or sidewalks, even gravel or sand?

RC trucks have that ability to cover unfamiliar places but there are some cars are better on muddy fields and rocky trails.

Nitro power or electricity?

If you want our suggestion, we would like to suggest you to use electric truck or car first. These are less expensive, easier to maintain, much more quiet, and require less maintenance than the Nitro Power model.

But if you don’t like anything other than true engine power, go for Nitro. This is the best choice, and they design a variety of cars and trucks for beginners.

Set budget:

In addition to the above, when buying a good quality RC Car, it is important to set a budget. Budget plays the biggest role in buying anything.

Adequate research is needed to determine the budget.

When you do research, you will know about the prices of different trucks and their features, as a result of which you can buy a good RC Car by fixing the budget of your choice.

FAQ about Best RC Car Under $100:

What is the best RC car for under $ 100?

Finding a good quality RC Car at a low price is a difficult task and many people will find out which one will be the best at a low price in the problem phase.

But the remote control cars we have mentioned in our article are irrelevant and we will recommend you to choose the car of your choice from these discussed cars.

Can these cars be used on sand and grass?

Yes, you can use the car on such a surface but you must be very careful about it. But the problem is, sand particles can cause a lot of wear and tear on the car which is not good for your car. So, you need to be careful while using it on sand or grass.

Are RC trucks water-resistant?

It basically depends on the different brands. Usually, most of the remote-controlled trucks or cars come with waterproofing equipment. But, before selecting the car, it’s your responsibility to check the manufacturer’s details.

How long does an RC truck battery last?

RC car batteries usually last for 10-20 minutes. But there are also some expensive RC cars available thayt come with a powerful battery and allow you to have a play time for 30-40 minutes.

Is it better to buy some more expensive one?

It will depend entirely on you. However, if you want to buy at a higher price, then you need to buy an RC car that is very high-quality.

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