Top 14 Best Remote Control Car for Sand 2020

The best Remote control Car for Sand is one of our preferred classes of RC vehicles. We adore RC trucks as well, however, nothing beats an RC surrey for an outing to the seashore. An incredible favorable position to destroying the sand is that you, for the most part, have a lot of open space to work with negligible accident hazards (you aren’t going to slam into a check or collide with a stone).

That implies you can truly point and purchase for most extreme top speed and even do some nitro powers with these folks. Huge chicken tails, taking off bounces like a hawk, and extraordinary rates are only a couple of the fun moves you can perform with an all-around manufactured carriage. Look at our rundown of the best RC surreys in our area beneath.

Best Remote Control Car for Sand:

1. Redcat Racing Blackout SC PRO Review – Best RC Truck for Grass

This four-wheel-drive short course truck has an electric brushless KV3800 engine, heat sink, waterproof brushless electronic speed control (ESC), and oil-filled movable stuns. The 7.4v 3200mAh LIPO battery and charger are incorporated. It additionally includes forward and switches ESC. The radio requires eight AA batteries, which are excluded.

This truck is quick enough out of the crate for somebody simply getting into the universe of side interest trucks. You can without much of a stretch program the ESC to your driving style, it has incredible taking care of, a strong plan, and it’s anything but difficult to fix. The oil-filled stuns handle hops and knocks truly well, and the suspension parts, while for the most part plastic, handle incredible and are very rough. In general, you can push it to and past its cutoff points around an earth course.


It’s quick enough for those simply getting into pastime trucks.

It’s tough, handles extraordinary

It’s anything but difficult to fix.

You can push it to and past its cutoff points around a soil course.


The truck may quit working on the off chance that it gets excessively wet.

The front end is ineffectively structured

On the off chance that you hit something, you may break the differential gearbox bulkhead.

2. Exceed 1/10 2.4Ghz Exceed RC Electric SunFire RTR Off-Road Buggy Review – Best Remote Control Car for Grass

Another top-notch Exceed item, we have the Electric SunFire RTR Off-Road Buggy which arrives in a splendid and striking Baha Green.

What to state about this little surrey? All things considered, it’s ensured to give long stretches of amusing to anybody wandering into the universe of RCs.

It’s controlled by a brushed 540 engine and incorporates a 7.2v Ni-Mh battery with charger included. The high down power wing and bumpy tires guarantee the carriage is steady on the ground even at high speeds, and it additionally has customizable front and back suspension.

The best thing about this carriage, in any case, is the expense. It’s the ideal Christmas or birthday present in the event that you would prefer not to go through colossal measures of cash yet at the same time need something that will get the children off the PlayStation!


Ideal for kids

4 Wheel Drive

Stable at high speeds


The body could be more strong

3. Traxxas 2WD Slash Short Course Truck Review – Best RC Car for Grass

This RC truck is planned with a formally authorized Ford Raptor body including an infusion shaped flame broil, incorporated guard, side mirrors, and back end for scale authenticity. It incorporates a seven-cell NiMH battery with iD innovation and four-amp, 12-volt, DC top distinguishing quick charger for solid charging.

The truck goes up to 30 mph utilizing its Titan 12-turn 550 changed engine. It has waterproof gadgets for all-climate driving in water, mud, and a day off, its TQ 2.4GHz radio framework’s ergonomic plan is agreeable for throughout the day driving. Additionally, the inner receiving wire is impenetrable to harm, so you can thoroughly demolish it and it will continue onward. It’s entirely sturdy, and on the off chance that you collide with a control, it won’t handily scratch.


The truck goes up to 30 mph

It has waterproof gadgets for all-climate driving.

It’s truly sturdy

The inward receiving wire is impenetrable to harm.


It doesn’t perform very well on the sloppy territory.

You may flip the truck a great deal while making sense of how to control it

The charger gets extremely hot.

4. Second place, Best for Speed: JEYPOD RC Car

The JEYPOD RC vehicle is another alternative for the two children and grown-ups searching for an approach to get into RC vehicle hustling. This model can arrive at speeds up to 12 miles for each hour, ideal for more youthful children to stay aware of while likewise figuring out further developed RC vehicle activity.

This vehicle accompanies two battery-powered batteries so you can keep one charged while you utilize the other. Every battery gives you around 30 minutes of play and can arrive at a full charge in as meager as an hour and a half. The edge of this RC vehicle is made to be exceptionally flexible. Its little wheels make taking sharp turns a breeze, and the conservative casing likewise makes it splendidly travel-size.


1:22 remote control the rapidly dashing vehicle.

2.4GHZ radio innovation, wide control range50-80M.

4 Wheel Drivers

Against obstruction, you can control various vehicles in a similar region without impedance.

With Hi-Q elastic wheel, against slide, flawless experience.

Material field: ground, grass, or sand land.


Could be increasingly solid

Invert delayed to kick in

5. Traxxas 36034-1 Bigfoot No.1 2WD 1/10 Scale Monster Truck Review

Next up, we have the Traxxas Bigfoot Monster Truck, which is an extraordinary option in contrast to the Stampede on the off chance that you have somewhat more to spend! One of the Best Remote Control Car for Sand.

First of all, I love the shading. The Bigfoot is accessible in a splendid, metallic blue, which just adds to its appeal.

It comes furnished with a 7-cell Ni-Mh battery, a waterproof beneficiary box and an ergonomic radio framework which is agreeable for the entire day driving. At last, the Terra Groove tires are incredible for any landscape and climate conditions!


Amusing to drive

Tough and sturdy

Extraordinary to take a gander at


Vehicle charger included is moderate and deficient

6. Traxxas 83044-4 Mustang GT Race Car Review

Smooth and snappy, the Traxxas 83044-4 Mustang GT is for any individual who needs to say something on the streets. This is the authoritatively authorized Ford Mustang GT scale reproduction. It’s 4WD with a ground leeway of 0.3 inches. While not exactly as expedient as the genuine Ford Mustang GT, this little vehicle reaches paces of over 30mph, and it additionally has a waterproof ESC and watertight recipient box, making it ideal for all climate fun. One of the Best RC Car for Sand.

The remote control gives long-range control close by fast reaction times, while the elastic road tires are extraordinary on wet or dry streets. The model is 1/10 scale however every part of the Ford Mustang is caught splendidly.


Awesome plan, an imitation of the Ford Mustang GT and extraordinary looking

Quick and performs splendidly on smooth surfaces

Waterproof ESC and watertight beneficiary box so can be utilized in all climates


Low profile so not great on a rock or harsh surfaces like leaves or shakes

7. Exceed RC Electric Rally Monster Truck Review

The Exceed Electric Rally Truck is amazingly mainstream, and all things considered! It’s prepared to run, 4WD and contains great radio rigging. The ground-breaking 540 engine is solid and ground-breaking, while the lightweight amalgam case increment execution and solidness. One of the Best Remote Control buggy for Sand.

The suspension arms are lightweight to lessen the general load of the vehicle, while the battery is dependable. The AM transmitter and beneficiary work flawlessly to assist you with controlling the truck with the most extreme exactness.

By and large, this truck is quick, fun and responsive. It’s extraordinary for learners and great worth, yet it’s positively not as high caliber as others on the rundown. Be that as it may, it’s ideal in case you’re simply beginning and need a fun and fast first vehicle.


Accelerates to 25mph

Extraordinary for novices as a first vehicle

Lightweight composite undercarriage


Could be increasingly solid

Invert delayed to kick in

8. Altair High Speed Remote Control Car Review

The Altair High Speed Remote Control Car is a standout amongst other RC vehicles new to the market this year. One of the Best RC buggy for Sand.

The truck’s sturdiness is accomplished through metal fixed wheel orientation, exclusively mounted wheel suspension, a double engine and 4-wheel drive.

So frequently purchasers are abandoned on the grounds that the producer is situated in the far-east, so it’s invigorating to see great after-deal support.

Generally speaking, we rate this truck exceptionally. Incredible highlights at a reasonable value point. We unquestionably suggest you look at it!


  • Imposing structure
  • Speeds up to 30pmh
  • Can scale rock and testing territory
  • US organization with incredible client assistance


  • Some better quality models are quicker

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9. Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer RC Race Truck Review

The Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer is a mammoth! This RC Race Truck has 4-interface back suspension with a strong connection axel. The GTR stuns at each corner imitate genuine desert truck execution, while the outrageous suspension travel takes into consideration superb rough terrain capacity and strength – which means you can take on huge hops and deterrents with certainty. One of the Best Remote Control buggy for Sand.

In both structure and capacity, the Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer is as near the genuine article as you can get. It arrives at paces of up to 50mph with brilliant control, making it fun and adrenaline-filled to drive.

While there’s no denying this model is costly, the system is dazzling, the parts high caliber and long periods of fun are practically ensured.


  • Exceptionally quick and incredible
  • Great replication of a genuine desert racer both in structure and execution
  • Extreme suspension for mind-blowing rough terrain capacity and security
  • Absolute mammoth arriving at 50mph!


  • Pricey!

10. Hosim 4WD Remote Control Truck 9125 Review

As I would like to think, the Hosim 4WD is outstanding amongst other RC car under $200. It’s solid, tough and will enable you to stand apart from the RC swarm. Point of fact it’s a standout amongst other RC car for fledglings as well. It’s completely outfitted with two engines which give it a maximum speed of around 30mph. One of the Best RC buggy for Sand.

The rock-solid wheels are genuinely extreme. They make rough terrain driving an all-out breeze, with the ricocheting spring materials giving help and skip on any flimsy surfaces. It likewise flaunts full four-course control to enable it to push ahead, in reverse, justify and appropriate easily.

The 1/10 scale implies this truck truly is a beast. It’s very quick, arriving at paces of up to 30mph, yet the freely recreated shockproof framework will keep it solid and lessen sway at those higher velocities.

At long last, this RC truck for sand has high-temperature assurance meaning the vehicle will chill itself off, and the included battery is a pleasant touch.


DIY or Ready to Run: Ready to run

Weight: 5.3lbs

Scale: 1/10

Batteries Required? Indeed

Batteries Included? Indeed for truck however not remote

Engine: Brushed

Top Speed: 30mph

11. VCANNY Remote Control Car Review

This VCANNY RC is a standout amongst other rc car for children. It’s amazing, rapid, shockproof safe and offers extraordinary control. One of the Best Remote Control buggy for Sand.

It’s 4WD and comes outfitted with two battery-powered batteries

Explicitly structured with sturdy, solid and incredible parts, this little RC arrives at velocities of up to 30mph with a 390 brushed engine. It’s incredible for children, with the 4WD including additional solidness around turns and making it simple to go advances, in reverse, justify or right.

This best RC buggy for sand offers an unrivaled control with a scope of 260 feet and responsive directing. The remote is anything but difficult to utilize and the wheels are uncompromising for fast and a steady drive. At long last, this is controlled with battery-powered 7.4V batteries which keep going for 20-30 mins.

In general, this vehicle is perfect for children as it’s little, nippy and ground-breaking. The strong guards will shield the vehicle from any incidental accidents, and the engine gives the extraordinary capacity to go 4×4 romping exhibitions – including sand, shake, cement and grass.


DIY or Ready to Run: Ready to run

Weight: 2.65lbs

Scale: 1/18

Batteries Required? Truly

Batteries Included? Truly

Engine: Brushed

Top Speed: 30mph

12. Redcat Racing Blackout XBE Pro Brushless Electric Buggy Review

The Redcat Racing Blackout XBE has an incredible brushless engine, 4WD and a waterproof ESC. One of the Best Remote Control car for Sand.

This model is massively ground-breaking and truly enjoyable to utilize. It’s prepared to go straight out the container, complete with an amazing Li-Po battery and charger. It has incredible footing for moving snags with style, and the forward and turns around ESC easily take care of more tightly spots.

At last, this carriage has a lightweight plastic case, oil-filled loop over stuns and autonomous suspension. The waterproof hardware guarantees extraordinary control and perpetual fun whatever the climate.


DIY or Ready to Run: Ready to run

Weight: 7.95lbs

Scale: 1/10

Batteries Required? Indeed

Batteries Included? Indeed for truck yet not for radio

Engine: Brushless

Top Speed: 35-40mph

13. Traxxas 1/10 Slash 4×4 Brushless Short Course Truck Review

The Traxxas Slash Short Course Truck is cherished for its uncommonly high speeds and adjustable plan. As I would see it, outstanding amongst other Traxxas RC vehicles available. One of the Best RC car for Sand.

It has waterproof hardware for all climate driving and has a strong and solid edge. The amazing brushless engine gives you a chance to arrive at paces of over 60mph.

This truck has an inflexible case with a low focus of gravity for additional security as you zoom around corners. This shows up completely collected and for all intents and purposes prepared to utilize – you simply need a transmitter, collector, battery and charger.

The unmistakable polycarbonate body enables you to paint your truck in any shading you need, and the hard-anodized and PTFE-covered aluminum GTR stuns convey track-prepared suspension.

By and large, this is an incredible truck which will give long periods of fun. In spite of the high speeds, It’s streamlined for a smooth exhibition with refined control. An unquestionable requirement have for any speed-cherishing thrill seekers!


DIY or Ready to Run: Almost prepared to run yet need to independently buy a transmitter, collector, and battery

Weight: 5lbs

Scale: 1/10

Batteries Required? Truly

Batteries Included? No

Engine: Brushless

Top Speed: 60mph+

14. Traxxas 58034-1-Mark 1/10 Scale 2WD Short Course Racing Truck Review

As I would like to think, the Traxxas Mark I Short Course Racing Truck is a fabulous RC vehicle and certainly justified regardless of your thought. One of the Best RC buggy for Sand.

It’s examination, fast and less inclined to impact into bits on the off chance that you hit something with excessively much pace.

Accessible in a decision of four hues, this Traxxas truck has a waterproof recipient box meaning it tends to be utilized in all climate.

It likewise incorporates an ID-prepared Power Cell Ni-Mh battery which, in spite of the fact that not as amazing as the Li-Po partners, makes it perfect for rough terrain fun.

The brushless engine compensates for what power the battery needs, while the high-torque guiding servo gives precise directing notwithstanding when the climate doesn’t get along!

At long last, this truck is extreme. The front and back guards guarantee this truck can take a wide range of bashings, while the discretionary 23-tooth pinion rigging guarantees those top paces can become to without an issue or, utilize the effectively fitted 16-tooth pinion for all-around slamming.


Weight: 9 lbs

Expertise Level: Intermediate

Scale: 1/10

Engine: Brushless

Batteries Required? Truly

Batteries Included? Truly

Top Speed: 30+ mph

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