Top 21 Best Remote Control Helicopter for Adults 2020

Helicopter toys are extremely famous nowadays. Today we will discuss Best remote control helicopter for adults. They settle on an extraordinary decision for the two grown-ups and kids who are consistently watchful for undertakings, adolescents searching for quite a long time of fun, and grown-ups who are scanning for another leisure activity. Making your little airplane fly and explore through the air is genuinely an agreeable encounter.

Furthermore, with the huge determination of remote control helicopters, you are probably going to discover the sort, model, and details you are searching for. In the event that you are chipping away at a greater spending plan, there is completely something for you. In case you’re searching for an RC helicopter reasonable for more youthful children, you’ll without a doubt discover one here. Or then again on the off chance that you need something that fulfills a fastidious grown-up specialist, there’s something coming up for you.

To make your inquiry simple, we’ve made a rundown of the best remote control helicopters of the market today. So feel free to look at them to make your inquiry simple. There’s likewise a thorough purchasing guide at the base of this article for calm shopping.

Best remote control helicopter for adults

1. Blade 70 S RTF RC Micro Helicopter with Safe Technology – 2.4Ghz Transmitter

The helicopter flies impeccably, it’s extremely snappy and responsive also. It takes approximately 25 min to accuse the battery of a telephone charger and your flight will last around 7 min. There’s no here and there button on the helicopter, it turns on when you plug in the battery, so ensure your transmitter is on first. When it’s on and you plug in the battery, hold down the choke and push the rudder completely towards the option to enact the choke. On the off chance that you don’t fly for under 15 seconds, it will reset so you’ll need to initiate the choke once more. This little heli can deal with a couple of intense accidents as long as you don’t get it wet. We unquestionably suggest this helicopter for apprentices, it’s an extraordinary method to begin on the leisure activity.

RC Helicopter Features:

  • Little and light, ideal for inside
  • Solid composite casing
  • Fly bar less innovation
  • Fixed-pitch rotor head
  • Safe innovation
  • 1S 150mAh battery
  • Edge 70 s RTF helicopter
  • 2.4GHz transmitter
  • USB charger

2. Cheerwing U12S Mini RC Helicopter with Camera

This scaled-down helicopter is incredible for children and grown-ups, and any pilots with various aptitude levels. With metal casing and adaptable sharp edges, which gives to withstand many accidents, makes this smaller than normal helicopter progressively intense and tough. Receives 2.4Ghz Frequency Technology, permits multiple players to fly this smaller than expected helicopter simultaneously. You can have a hustling rivalry with your children and companions. With High/Low-Speed Mode for pilots with various ability levels, make this automaton simpler to control for children and tenderfoots. Height Hold Function empowers the helicopter to Auto-Hover. The helicopter can remain at current stature when pilots’ hands are off the controller. Simply press one key to begin the flight, the little helicopter will take off and drift at specific tallness. You additionally can press the key again to land the smaller than normal automaton. You likewise can utilize the Emergency Stop Function to stop the automaton in a crisis circumstance.

Mini RC Helicopter with Camera Features:

  • FPV Helicopter with Wifi Camera
  • Out of Range Alarm
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • Very Durable
  • Crisis Stop
  • High/Low-Speed Mode
  • Supports Multiple Players
  • Elevation Hold Mode
  • One Key Take-off/Landing
  • Photograph/Video Recording
  • Wifi FPV Real-time Transmission

3. S37 RC Helicopter with Altitude Hold, 3.5 Channel

here are unquestionably less expensive options out there. Be that as it may, you aren’t paying for modest items. You get what you pay for right?

This is a strong RC Heli Drone. Too simple arrangements directly out the case. Simply associate the battery and inside seconds you’re prepared for departure directly out of box opening! It is somewhat difficult to control from the start yet when you become accustomed to it, you’ll have yourself an impact. Sturdy item, I’ve unquestionably had a lot of accidents in dividers and still flies fine.

The main issue I ran into was that one of the catches wasn’t extremely responsive. Flying the automaton up/down had no issues. Controlling the automaton side to side and in reverse had no issues, however, attempting to push it ahead it appeared to have some minor reaction issues. Beside this hiccup happens haphazardly however insignificantly, the item is astounding!


  • Compound Sturdy Material& Soft Blade
  • Channel: 3.5channels whirligig
  • Height Hold& Easy to Control
  • Confirmation: 3C Certification
  • More grounded Power Motor
  • Progressively Bigger Size RC Helicopter
  • Impeccable Flying Performance
  • Item material: Alloy, plastic, savvy chip
  • Signal: 2.4GHZ remote control
  • Flight extend: roughly 100 meters
  • Remote control technique: handle

4. Syma S107H Remote Control Helicopter

Syma S107H Remote Control Helicopter. This helicopter is basic and simple to work. It can stand stuns and crashes well overall. It isn’t excessively quick and doesn’t endure a slight breeze, so you should drive it in a shut space. The battery keeps going eight minutes. Extraordinary toy for kids since it’s anything but difficult to work. A 3-channel remote transmitter lets you fly this remote helicopter plays with companions! Race at low or high speeds, and browse two hues (blue and green). The S107H smaller than a normal helicopter is made increasingly stable with Altitude Hold and a Gyroscopic parity bar set beneath the top edges. Get the remote and see with your own eyes why these devices for people are top toys for any RC specialist. Effectively dispatch these flying plays with the 1-Key Lift/Land button. In the event that you’re smaller than usual RC helicopter veers off base, utilize the Trim Control catches to address the development.


  • Measures 8.6″ L x 1.5″ W x 4.1
  • Battery-powered 3.7V battery
  • Flies for 5 minutes
  • WindHawk RC Helicopter
  • Simple Remote
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Guidance Manual

5. Blade Nano S2 Ultra Micro RC Helicopter RTF with SAFE Technology

The Blade Nano S2 is a much-refreshed adaptation of the Blade Nano CPX. The control board is mounted on delicate elastic backings. The Nano S2 appears to have a more fit dependability framework than the Nano CPX. With the Nano CPX, you truly must be on the head of the controls to shield it from floating on a level plane, so I invested more energy making an effort not to crash than I did flying. With the Nano S2, I can do legitimate helicopter things like bank turns, and arriving on various stuff and watching the condo. On the off chance that you set up your radio precisely as the guidelines state, the Nano S2 can “nearly” float hands-off when in non-aerobatic mode, so you have a ton of time to set everything straight. the best smaller scale RC aggregate pitch helicopter shows signs of improvement! Like the Nano CP s model before it, the Blade Nano S2 heli lays a way to 3D aerobatic mastery that is cleared for progress – with new highlights, including a redeveloped settling framework, that makes testing moves, for example, flips and modified flight simple for pilots at all expertise levels to ace. The Nano S2 is simpler to control than any time in recent memory, and its presentation is astonishing. Like the past Blade Nano models, This one is brimming with aerobatic stunts. Solid coreless engines and a 45C lipo flight battery produce proficient force for 3D flight.


  • 45c lipo battery
  • Perfect with Nano CPs
  • Safe Z height control
  • Lightweight, with low plate stacking
  • safe innovation with SAFE edge request
  • Production line collected Nano S2 small scale radio control helicopter
  • Spektrum MLP6 channel 2.4GHz DSMX transmitter
  • Range 2.4GHz DSMX beneficiary
  • 150mAh 1S LiPo battery
  • Carbon-fiber principle shaft
  • Amazing coreless engines
  • USB lipo battery charger
  • AA transmitter batteries

6. Cheerwing S107 – Best RC Helicopter for Adults

As a rule, RC Helicopters have a value point that makes it hard for people who are on a tight spending plan. The Cheerwing S107 breaks that form and conveys a magnificent and solid helicopter that won’t use up every last cent. With a metal edge, it can take different accidents, settling on it a superb decision for any individual who is thinking about getting into the interest.

The Cheerwing S107 is the ideal helicopter for amateurs to learn on. While it is fundamentally an indoor helicopter, you can, in any case, bring it outside, given that you’re flying on an unmistakable, windless day. It’s additionally a ton of amusing to fly around evening time, or close to sunset with LED lights that let you monitor it. The tough casing implies it’ll endure falls superior to progressively delicate models, however, it’s still truly zippy.


  • Overly reasonable
  • Tough metal casing
  • Simple to control


  • Just around 10 minutes at full charge
  • indoor just flying

7. Walkera V450D03 Ready to Fly (RTF) Heli – Best Remote Control Helicopter for Adults

The Walkera V450D03 helicopter is anything but difficult to fly from apprentice to master levels. Its plan is less massive and not as unpredictable as the flybar choices. It additionally implies there are fewer moving parts to turn out badly. The flybarless 450 stage likewise adds to flight effectiveness and longer flights. Also, the 6-pivot gyro assists with keeping the art quite consistent. That implies more tightly control when performing 3D ethereal tumbling.

Walkera’s V450D03 Generation II 6-pivot chopper is both durable and stable. It gets its oomph from the incredible brushless engine and high-limit lipo battery. The V450D03 handles well in twists as well—a fundamental property for open-air flying. Its belt-driven framework is peaceful and simple to change. The fundamental form utilizes carbon fiber fortified plastic. It’s a high-caliber however lightweight accident safe material.


  • Cool structure, tender loving care
  • Incredible brushless engine
  • 6-pivot settling gyro
  • Simple to fly at any level
  • Dexterous and stable
  • Flybarless rotor
  • Wind safe
  • Crash safe
  • Devo7 transmitter (included)


  • Short flight time

8. V912 4CH Single Blade RC Helicopter With Gyro Review

We would consider the V912 4CH Single Blade RC Helicopter With Gyro to be a decent prepared to-fly copter. In any case, its charge time is an hour, which may be longer than different models.

This copter has a battery-powered lithium-particle battery, which will make it last more. It’s anything but difficult to control up this helicopter, as its transmitter requires just 4 AA batteries.

The V912 4CH is made of acceptable quality and can, thusly, handle crash misuse. It additionally has a low and high rate for the controller to custom-tune your flight understanding.


  • Solid
  • Simple to work
  • Holds strength even in blustery conditions
  • Comes collected
  • Save parts are effectively available


  • The tail rotor requires steady modifying
  • Sets aside long effort to charge

9. JJRC JX01 3.5CH Altitude Hold Crash Resistance Helicopter

Try not to let your children remain exhausted this winter or summer. You can be shading their time by including a remote control toy your shopping list. JJRC I JX01 is one of the excellent plays with intelligent execution. Also, the automaton is empowered with an assortment of moves for the eminent experience. Improved with 3.5 channel and gyrator, it can move in various ways. In addition, the chopper is fitted with infrared recurrence consequently alright for use inside.

Utilizing this current child’s automaton is charming and simple to learn. This is because of the elevation hold include that keeps the helicopter relentless. In contrast to other modest automatons, this flaunts amalgam development. The material is light and extreme consequently impervious to crash. Stunning highlights in this chopper incorporates height hold, whirligig, and one key departure and arriving among others. This blend of highlights let clients have the best inclination and simple flying time.


  • Compound body development
  • Straightforward activity capacities
  • Ideal for novices


  • Batteries run out quick


10. BLH4100 120 S

BLH4100 120 S is a six-channel helicopter highlighting a solitary rotor, fixed-pitch that can oppose a little wind – settling on it an ideal decision for your outside heli flying experience.

In case you’re an accomplished RC heli administrator and lean towards open-air flights, this heli is the ideal decision. In any case, at that point regardless of whether you’re new to RC helicopters, this item includes a “novice’s mode” that is self-leveling and has a more slow flight speed. In the event that the heli is going to crash, just press the frenzy catch. The “middle of the road mode”, then again, gives you a chance to expand the points of pitch and roll while as yet acting naturally leveling. With the “accomplished mode” nonetheless, the pitch and move highlights are killed, giving you full control of your gadget.

The heli is controlled by a 500mAh battery which considers 6-minute flight time. It requires some investment to energize, be that as it may, at 60 minutes. Indeed, considering the numerous highlights of this strong RC helicopter, the charging time is truly sensible. Made of polymers and carbon-fiber parts, the BLH4100 120 S conveys mechanical accuracy and is intended to manage run of the mill setbacks. Moreover, it is outfitted with a multi-work transmitter that makes activity smooth and simple.


  • Panic recuperation mode to forestall an accident
  • Durable development
  • 6 channels


  • Might be an excessive amount to deal with for youngsters and novices

11. GPToys G610

The GPToys G610 is a modest heli that is anything but difficult to work and leaves the crate prepared to fly. It is structured exclusively for indoor use.

In the event that you or your youngsters appreciate flying RC helis inside the house, the GPToys G610 is a magnificent choice. It keeps running as long as 8 minutes before it should be energized (which could take somewhere in the range of 30-50 minutes). The gadget highlights double rotors that upgrade the general flight control, which makes it appropriate for the two novices and middle of the road levels who are up for all the more testing flights while feeling great about rapidly leveling off if there should be an occurrence of a crisis.

The heli is more than 10 creeps long, which is only the correct size for indoor flights. It is additionally outfitted with LED lights for simple moving even in obscurity.


  • Adjustable recurrence
  • 3.5 channels
  • Multicolored LED lights


  • Not appropriate for extremely youthful clients

12. WL V911 4 CH Single Rotor Helicopter Version 2 Review

The V911 is an extraordinary single edge RC helicopter. This helicopter can endure flying in the breeze as long as the breeze grind doesn’t surpass 4. The 2.4GHz radio recurrence guarantees that you easily work the copter outside with no obstruction.

We found that the V911 takes just 30 minutes to completely charge. Be that as it may, it was baffling to perceive how it goes on for 5 minutes until the entire battery is totally depleted. Be that as it may, to compensate for the short flight time, the WL V911 accompanies an additional pair of batteries.

This helicopter is controlled through 4 channels. These channels are additionally isolated into 2 for each stick. The correct stick quickens the copter forward, in reverse and sideways. The justify stick, then again, enables you to move the helicopter justify, right, all over.


  • Solid
  • Accompanies additional batteries
  • Short charge time
  • Great force
  • Save parts are modest



  • Batteries kick the bucket rapidly
  • Difficult to fly

13. Haktoys HAK303

Haktoys HAK303 is intended for kids ages eight and up and includes extraordinary control and flight strength.

With a 50-foot flight run, this heli is incredible enough to fly inside the house or any indoor zone. Since it’s made considering kids, this helicopter toy includes a coverage plan that empowers it to withstand crashes. It flies ceaselessly for six to eight minutes and just takes 30 minutes to revive. The heli accompanies an inherent gyrator that enormously assists with in-flight dependability. This is an empowering highlight for youngsters and tenderfoots the same. In addition, the ergonomic controls are agreeable to hold.

There are LED lights introduced around the defensive casing, which makes flying even during the evening fun and simple. It’s multi-directional as well – equipped for being controlled up or down, justify or right, and forward or in reverse. Moreover, the movable speed control enables guardians to pick a more secure speed level for their kids as despite everything they gain proficiency with the best possible departure and touchdown systems. The bundle incorporates an extra clasp interface, USB Charger, and remote control which, tragically, does exclude batteries.


  • Built-in gyrator for more prominent security
  • Equipped with splendid LED lights
  • Ergonomic controls


  • Does not do well in open-air areas as a result of infrared recurrence

14. Syma S109G 3.5 Channel RC

Weighing just around 1.2 pounds, the Syma S109G 3.5 prepared to-fly heli highlights a rock-solid metal body and an awesome flight balancing out the framework. The main thing you will see on this heli is the strong casing that has high impervious to crashes. Be that as it may, you won’t need to stress over smashing it constantly. The item includes a balancing out framework that empowers a smooth flight constantly, alongside the Gyroscope innovation for better flight control.

This novice style heli has 3 channels that empower it to move in anyways. It likewise uses a Li-Poly battery which can be effectively charged through a USB port or controller. In addition, it has too cool lights that light up its movement way.


  • No amassing is required
  • 3-channel control framework
  • Comes with one extra tail rotor


  • Too little and may not withstand flights in blustery conditions

This is our preferred looks-wise open-air radio-controlled helicopter. It isn’t too ratty with regards to execution either. Alongside it is a double mode helicopter, you can likewise get it at a truly minimal effort.

With its accuracy control and littler size, we concur that it very well may be utilized for both indoor and open-air exercises.

Plastic is utilized for the development of this helicopter, which settles on it a perfect decision for tenderfoots. Besides, in the event that you experience the ill effects of a rapid accident, you won’t be crying yourself to bed like somebody who dropped a $400 RC helicopter.

Likewise, you can have confidence since this helicopter accompanies additional extra parts in the base piece of the case on the off chance that you need them.


  • Simple to control
  • Can be utilized both outside and inside
  • Strong
  • Exceptionally quick speed
  • Truly steady
  • Moderate


  • Uproarious
  • Somewhat little in size


16. VATOS Remote Control Helicopter with Gyro

Vatos military helicopter toy is the perfect approach to sit back for children and grown-ups. It’s one of the flexible and charming toys you can get. Built-in light of military structure, it offers many flying stunts. Strangely, this chopper is light regardless of its challenging look. Additionally, various rotors and strong cutting edges mean all the more flying force. Likewise, the excellent plastic edge, it withstands enormous maltreatment by kids.

In general, the chopper is lightweight, which is imperative for the sparing battery. Also, it has a smooth looking transmitter and control with an advanced showcase. These aides in choosing various perspectives that make flying a rush. Amazingly, there is no experiencing recurrence invasion by different gadgets. It has 3.5 channels and 3 selectable frequencies consequently safe to use in a similar zone with other RC toys. Because of 3 frequencies, the control guarantees you can fly up to 3 helicopters on the double. Flying this gadget even around evening time is conceivable because of the improved blue LED lights.


  • Various amazing rotors
  • Simple to control various helicopters
  • Driven light for late evening flying


  • Not for open-air use

17. The cutting edge 230 S – Best RC Helicopter for Adults

There are a lot of various RC helicopters out there worked for novices to the diversion or people who have been flying for quite a while. In any case, the Blade 230 S is somewhat unique since it bids to everybody. With three distinctive dynamic flight modes, it’s simple for amateurs to get, and propelled pilots to adjust their steering capacities.

Solidness mode is made for people new to the side interest and highlights self-leveling and a bank point limit, so you don’t bite the dust. Dexterity mode is for the pilots who aren’t fledglings however aren’t progressed either and gives you full power over the helicopter. Propelled clients can exploit 3D mode where you can barrel roll and take on some insane moves. With every one of the three flight modes, you can utilize the signal for an emergency response to level out and shield from slamming.

The Blade 230 S is additionally has a composite casing which makes it sturdier in the event that you do wind up smashing as you get familiar with the controls. The tail and sharp edges are made of similar material, so you aren’t in consistent peril of snapping them, or breaking a necessary piece.


  • Ideal for an amateur to cutting edge pilots
  • Emergency signal maintains a strategic distance from calamitous accidents
  • The composite casing is sturdy


  • Sets aside some effort to get familiar with the controls


18. Sharp edge 230s BNF

Ideal for specialists who are searching forward for more flips, altered flights, circles and rolls, the Blade 230s BNF settles on a top decision.

This remote control helicopter is an ideal decision for individuals searching for gigantic execution, incredible controls, and aerobatics. It has fast brushless engines, self-leveling property, sway safe primary cutting edges, and fiber-filled plastic structure that makes it tough and sufficiently able to deal with or even forestall an accident. Also, it’s creative SAFE innovation. What’s more, contrasted with wood sharp edges, the ABS fundamental edges of this heli holds up better in an accident.

This gadget is furnished with a dynamic flight mode that encourages you to build up your aerobatic aptitudes rapidly. The 800mAh lithium battery considers 5-6 minutes of flight time before they need to revive. The profoundly tuned machine of Blade 230s BNF with aggregate pitch mechanics that take into consideration sports aerobatics. It has a 3D mode as well, which turns up the “flip and move” pace of the heli for 3D ability.


  • Collective pitch
  • Panic Recovery mode
  • Brushless fundamental and tail rotors


  • Definitely not for novices
  • Expensive

19. Iron3 Remote Control Helicopter

Regardless of being new in the market, the Iron3 Remote Control Helicopter is as of now getting rave surveys for its solid execution and various highlights. Excessively much for more youthful children, the Iron3 heli settles on an ideal decision for youngsters who are after some bold flights. It highlights 3 selectable frequencies, 4 channels, an implicit gyrator for impeccable floating, and co-pivotal auto-settling rotors intended to oppose numerous accidents. This RC heli is developed from solid and intense materials and its glimmering multi-shaded LED lights give fun and sensible flying background.


  • 4 channels
  • Upgraded gyro framework
  • Economical cost


  • Som

20. UDI U13A Helicopter

In case you’re searching for an RC copter that gives you a chance to catch clear, high-goals pictures and recordings, you will never turn out badly with the UDI U13A Helicopter.

This brilliant heli has a worked in gyro to guarantee more noteworthy flight solidness. This enables you to take photographs and record recordings easily and exactness. It’s incredible for indoor purposes as a result of its smooth plan and adaptability. It’s likewise worked with adaptable edges and metal combination frame to oppose the gadget harming effect of an accident.


  • High-resolution 640*480 video camera
  • Six direction channels
  • Records videos at any angle


  • Video capabilities can drain the battery easily

21. Wltoys V913 Large 27” 2.4G 4CH Single Blade Built-in Gyro RC Helicopter RTF

At the point when you need your children to have some good times, almost certainly a remote control helicopter is correct. This RC helicopter by Blade is fabulous and solid. Using 2.4 GHz radio recurrence, it is superb in any event, for outside use. Incredibly, the helicopter comes completely amassed and is made from composite materials. Along these lines, even in case of an accident, there is no harm like modest plastics. In contrast to different gadgets, this suits all clients from learners’ middle of the road and specialists.

To ensure protected and legitimate control, the helicopter is structured with alarm mode. This carries your gadgets to the right height by a push of a catch. Also, safe innovation dynamic flight enables all clients to improve their abilities. The aggregate pitch rotor is designed to give a smooth flying. Likewise, it enables this chopper to perform stunts and simple moving. The brushless engine, advanced speed servos, and refreshed principle gear make the chopper phenomenal.


  • Refreshed principle gear
  • Incredible radio recurrence extend
  • Simple to control
  • High effect materials


  • The battery doesn’t keep going long

Notwithstanding your expertise level and how you need to utilize it, pick the brand and model that accommodates your way of life. Additionally, give high respect to quality. Pick the item which doesn’t effectively wear out and is strong and durable enough to withstand crashes.

Last Thought for Best Remote Control Helicopter for Adults:

Flying a remote control helicopter is genuinely a fun and energizing background. Be that as it may, with such a significant number of decisions out there, it’s elusive the best item that suits you.

To outline, think about the accompanying significant factors before obtaining an RC helicopter:

  • Power Source: Electric versus Inward Combustion
  • Type: Ready-to-fly, nearly prepared to-fly, tie and fly, or custom assembled
  • Channels: three versus every one of the 6
  • Pitch: fixed-pitch versus aggregate pitch
  • Size: smaller scale, little, medium, or enormous
  • Availability of Parts
  • Construction
  • Add-ons/Accessories

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