Best Video Games for Couples xbox one, PS3 and PS4 2020

Video games are some of the most popular types of toys in the world.  Any child with access to a television has probably played some kind of video game.  Some video games are designed purely for pleasure while others have an educational nature, Many games are made for couples. Video games are enjoyed by children and adults alike, but many parents are bewildered with the video game world. In this article, you would find Best Video Games for Couples xbox one, PS3 and PS4

1. Horizon Zero Dawn – PlayStation 4

With game enhancing features if you want a full experience of gaming Horizon Zero Dawn will give you that. To develop your equipment and abilities there are different modern resource packs, weapons, and outfits.

This game is about revealing an ancient world. There are many inexplicable buildings, a territory filled with ancient relics. You have to uncover your past history and mystery of a buried land. This game connects two elements, taking a dynamic world enriched with fabulous nature and stuffing it with dread super leading technology. The alliance makes a dynamic consolidation for both gameplay and expedition. To overcome a technologically super-advanced enemy you must use agility, knowledge, and talent to survive. It has a fabulous definite forest, exposing environmental ruins and hills of a lost society. With day and night changing facility the game has weather changing climax.

Overall it has been a great game so far. I promise you would enjoy this couple ps4 game.

 2. Alice: Madness Returns – Playstation 3

Alice madness is a thriller action game that digs deep into the dim and brutal side of fantasy. making a disquieting utopia where you must aspect the devils that frequent her dreams. stopover the dismal truth of Victorian London and afterward visit the lovely but awful utopia to reveal the base of your’s frenzy and find the reality behind a dangerous mystery kept covered up for a considerable length of time. highlights include upgradable scuffle weapons and enchantment capacities a broke game world loaded up with adjusted renditions of Lewis Carroll’s celebrated characters and instinctive and remunerating riddle play. In this game, different melee weapons could be used which are upgradeable. There are many interesting characters in the latest version. You can grow your size to finish your enemies in this game. If you start the game I promise you won’t stop until you finish.

3. Devil May Cry 5 Collector’s Edition – PlayStation 4

The Devil you know returns in this spic and span passage in the ridiculous activity arrangement accessible on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Get ready to get out and out wicked with this mark mix of high-octane adapted activity and powerful and unique characters the arrangement is known for. Chief Hideaki Matsuno and the center group have come back to make the craziest, actually progressed and completely unmissable activity experience of this age! the risk of devilish power has come back to hazard the world by and by in Devil May Cry 5. The attack starts when the seeds of an “evil spirit tree” flourish in the red grave city. As this loathsome invasion assumes control over the city, a youthful evil presence Hunter Nero touches base with his accomplice Nico in their “Demon may Cry” RV. Ending up without the utilization of his correct arm, Nero Enlister Nico, a self-maintained weapons craftsman, to plan an assortment of novel mechanical Devil Breaker Arms to give him additional forces to take on malevolence evil presences, for example, the parasitic flying empusa and monster Colossus adversary Goliath.

4. Shadow of the Colossus Special Edition – PlayStation 4

Remade starting from the earliest stage by Bluepoint Games and JAPAN Studio, SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS on PlayStation 4 framework presents the amazement of its remarkable world and transcending animals to another age of gamers, while permitting longtime fans to return to the dearest artful culmination with unparalleled visual loyalty and improved execution. Stories talk about an antiquated domain where Colossi wander the superb scene. Bound to the land, these animals hold a key to a supernatural intensity of restoration – a power you should get to breathe life into a friend or family member back. The SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS Special Edition Box Set incorporates the game in a dazzling Steel cabinet, craftsman postcards, printed guidance manual, physical world guide, in-game additional items (counting Ancient Bow, Cloak of Fate, and unique skin for Agro), symbol set, powerful subjects, and that’s just the beginning!

5. Days Gone Collector’s Edition – PS 4

Days Gone is an open-world activity experience game set in a brutal wild two years after a staggering worldwide pandemic. Play as Deacon St. John, a wanderer and abundance seeker who rides the wrecked street, battling to endure while scanning for motivation to live.

Harsh Open World: Using the intensity of PlayStation 4 and Unreal Engine 4, Days Gone offers an inconceivably sensible and itemized open-world experience. Inundate yourself in huge and antagonistic situations, and investigate their insider facts. Inquiry deserted vehicles, houses, truck stops and towns as you search for assets. Be that as it may, be cautious—day and night cycles, alongside unique climate frameworks, all influence interactivity and adversary conduct.

Unique Enemies: notwithstanding human wanderers, pirates and state army, Deacon must face a wild overwhelmed by Freakers—careless, non-domesticated animals. Albeit more creature than human, Freakers are shrewd and rapidly developing. Similarly, as with any living animal, they have requirements, propensities, and practices that Deacon must learn and conform to.

6. Mortal Kombat 11: Premium Edition – PlayStation 4

Mortal Kombat is back and in excess of anyone’s imagination in the following development of the famous establishment.

The all-new Custom Character Variations give you phenomenal control to tweak the contenders and make them your own. The new designs motor exhibiting each skull-breaking, eye-popping minute, conveys you so near the battle you can feel it. Also, including a list of new and returning Classic Fighters, Mortal Kombat’s top tier realistic story mode proceeds with the epic adventure more than 25 years really taking shape. The Premium Edition will incorporate (Full game, Kombat Pack, Steelcase)

Proceed with the epic adventure through another true to life story that is over 25 years really taking shape. Players will assume the job of an assortment of over a wide span of time characters in a period bowing new story that pits Raiden against Kronika, the Keeper of Time who made a presentation at the beginning of history.

7 NBA 2K19 – Xbox One

The premier basketball Sim from Visual Concepts and 2k sports returns with its 20th anniversary provide- NBA 2K19. Offering Gianni’s Anetokounmpo about the cover, an updated Local community with day and night cycles, a heavily expanded My Career mode using the new Team Takeover function, and the most authentic basketball gameplay experience ever, this is the series’ best video games for couples Xbox one.

Reveal the action with up to 3 friends in local multiplayer, or with up to 9 other players online, with additional ways to compete than in the past. Control you’re my player’s full basketball potential with the new Takeover feature. Find out unique moves and abilities nothing you’ve seen prior on the court, or activate Team Takeover and build up the strength of your full team.

#Pros and Cons


  • Great birthday gift
  • Very satisfied with the purchase
  • Great graphics
  • Best addition to this series
  • Best affordable price
  • Great games run very fast and smooth
  • Top quality product
  • Great customer review


  • Frustrated game
  • The Code did not work

8 Xbox One S 1TB Console – Battlefield V Bundle

The actual Xbox One S Battlefield V Bundle and enter mankind’s greatest struggle: World War 2. Be a part of the ranks with a full-game download of Battlefield V Deluxe Edition containing paratrooper attire for your Company of soldiers, special responsibilities, and weekly Airlifts. Plus, enjoy an excellent Battlefield knowledge about full-game downloads of Battlefield 1943, Battlefield 1 Revolution, and one-month EA Easy access. I am so happy playing it.  The game is very good for all age people.

#Pros and Cons


  • Great game for playing
  • Awesome quality and fast shipping
  • Best price
  • Xbox never disappoints
  • Lots of fun get an extra controller
  • Play multiple players
  • Everything work good
  • Privacy system is include


  • Codes not work
  • Disappointing some time

9 Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

If you are looking best video games for couples ps4?The NI No Kuni II Revenant kingdom is the best video game all-time. Discover an attractively crafted world and experience the clasping story in an all-new RPG venture.LEVEL-5 reunites with Yoshiyuki Momose on personality design and style and music developed by Joe Hisaishi in the production of the next Ni no Kuni tale. An enthralling and heartbreaking tale unfolds as Evan, a boy prince learns how to become an innovator and build a kingdom. It is a very charming and sad story game.

#Pros and Cons


  • Captivating story
  • Playing mastery
  • Very good fights
  • Five-star game
  • Best desktop plying game
  • New RPG adventure
  • Top quality game
  • Another world game


  • Price little high

10 God of War Stone Mason’s Edition

The god of war is the best action-adventure video game made by Santa Monica Studio and Published by Sony interactive entertainment (SIE). it will be the eighth setting up in the God of War series, the eighth chronologically, and the sequel to 2010’s God of War III. In contrast to earlier games, that was loosely based on Greek mythology, this set up is loosely based on Norse mythology, with the greater part of it set in historical Norway in the realm of Midgard. The very first time in the series, there are two main protagonists: Kratos, the previous Greek God of War who continues to be the only usable character, and his young son Atreus; at times, the gamer may passively handle him. Pursuing the death of Kratos’ second wife and Atreus’ mother, they journey to fulfill her assure to distribute her ashes at the highest peak of the nine realms. Kratos keeps his bothered past a secret from Atreus, who is blind to his divine nature. Together with their journey, they experience monsters and gods of the Norse planet.

#Pros and Cons


  • Best ps4 game
  • Exclusive Lithograph
  • Cloth map
  • Stone mason’s ring
  • Digital Contents include
  • Dynamic theme
  • Best defender of the chosen shield
  • Exile’s guardian shield
  • Good price


  • Some time frustration

11 The Last of US

It seems fitting that the PS3’s best game arrived near the end of its life. Probably an end result of everything that AAA gaming turned out to be during the period of the last generation, it’s really a work of genius of affecting, mature storytelling and innovative, gameplay-driven narrative; one which uses the visual power of a fully-mastered gaming system just as much for emotionally charged resonance as for visual impact. Shedding the player into a wonderfully realized, nuanced, all-too reputable nightmare world, The Last of Us offers the tools to survive, but wisely never the methods to launch a really strengthened fight back. Every experience and accomplishment in the game matters, not because of recommended vision or artificial, cartoon heroism, speculate of the need for the player to bring their own intuition and wits to the table. Last of us is the best video games for couples ps3 forever.

#Pros and Cons


  • Better than any ps3 game
  • Outstanding story game
  • Best game in this year
  • Very cheap price
  • Multiple players play this game
  • Best customer feedback


  • Some time stop this game

12 Dead space 2

A couple of games provide the same sickening challenge as Dead Space 2. When you want to perform the game to look around the beautifully broken Sprawl, you also continuously live in fear that something nightmarish is observing your every single move. DS2 strikes a neat balance between the originals’ frequent scares and a more sturdy combat system. The disasters are just as real, but now Isaac is more capable of combating back.

#Pros and Cons


  • Best horror game
  • Great game tons of levels
  • Very best customer review
  • So funny game
  • New serious game


  • Some problem when playing more people
  • Very disgusting game


The History of Video Game

While video games are extremely prevalent today, and many children cannot imagine a world that did not include video games, the history of video games is relatively short.  Humanity has undergone dramatic advancements in technological understanding in just a few decades.  In the middle of the twentieth century, video games were nowhere to be found.  The first video games were very simple and were played on large computer consoles that were found in arcades and various restaurants.  These simple video games used minimal colors and basic graphics to allow players to accomplish very simple objectives.  Shortly after the first video games were released, video game consoles were made available to the public for personal ownership.  The history of video games exploded after that, and new video game consoles and games were created and mass produced almost every year.

Video Games as an Art Form

In recent years, video games have become much more sophisticated, relying on technological advances and thousands upon thousands of creative man hours before the final product is released to the masses.  The visual and creative spectacle of video games has matured so much in recent years that they can nearly be considered an art form in and of themselves.  Video games are not just mindless time wasters any longer.  People are purchasing the latest video games because of the beautiful scenery, incredibly lifelike graphics, and creative and engaging storylines that are featured in the newest programs.  Video games, like graphic novels, movies, and television programs, are an art form that communicates a little bit about the world in which we are living.  Games are telling stories about the human situation and providing people with the chance to experience worlds that are either unobtainable or completely fantastic.  Video games are being studied in universities as an art form because of their cultural significance.  Understanding the artistic development of video games may help parents understand their children’s fascination with the world of video games.

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Home Video Game Systems

Knowing which home video game systems to purchase can be a complicated process. There are many different home video game systems, and each system has a variety of different features.

Different Types of Home Video Game Systems

There are many different types of video game systems, and most consumers choose systems based on the types of video games that they want to play. Certain video games can only be played on specific video game systems.  Some video gamers use the personal computer to play their favorite video games.  Other gamers like the motion controlled technology of the Nintendo Wii which uses a sensor that picks up the movement of a specially designed controller.  The Microsoft game system Xbox is popular for its specific video games such as Halo and the Call of Duty video games.

The Future of Video Game Systems

There are two new trends in the home video game system world that are destined to become increasingly popular and more sophisticated over the next few years. The first of these trends is the video game system that no longer requires a controller.  For the entire history of video games, the onscreen action was controlled by the player through the use of a controller.  Different consoles required the use of different controllers.  The first controllers were very basic in nature, featuring a few buttons and a joystick or directional keypad.  Newer controllers have a wider variety of buttons and triggers as well as multiple joysticks for controlling character movement and viewpoint. In recent years, video game controllers were no longer connected to the console via wires.  Wireless controllers allowed for more freedom in location and movement during gameplay.  Now, video game consoles and systems are being released that do not require the use of a controller at all.  The Microsoft video game system Xbox has released a special device known as Kinect that uses cameras to record the movement of the human body. People can play video games that they control through body movement and voice recognition rather than with controllers.  Kinect promises to revolutionize the way video games are played.  Another trend which may become more popular in the future is the invention of three-dimensional video games.  As 3D televisions become available for in-home use, 3D video games will logically follow.  Because video gamers love to become immersed in their video game worlds, 3D video games are destined to be immensely popular.

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Video Game Tester Guide – Everything You Need To Know

It sounds like the perfect job for an avid video game player: getting paid to test new video games and provide feedback to help with the creative process and design of brand new games.  This job isn’t a fantasy, however.  Real people are getting paid excellent salaries to spend their days trying out new video games and contributing to the design process of the video games they test.  If you love to play video games and are wondering if you can turn your immense love of video games into a lucrative career, you need to be aware of a few things about video game testing.

What is a Video Game Tester?

A video game tester is an individual whose unique knowledge of and experience with video games makes them a worthwhile individual for companies who are planning on releasing new games.  Companies who design video games spend a lot of money and time creating new games.  A single video game may take several years and tens of thousands of hours to be perfectly rendered and produced.  If a video game is a flop or has several glaring flaws, companies may lose out on millions of invested dollars and be completely wiped out by financial ruin. This is why many video game companies are willing to pay well-qualified individuals to test their games and provide feedback.  However, these companies do not give this position to just anyone.  Typically, the job of video game tester is awarded to someone within the company who has a unique knowledge of video games and how they are created.

How Can You Become a Video Game Tester?

Becoming a video game tester is not a walk in the park. You cannot simply call a video game company and ask to be a tester.  Usually, these companies choose testers from within their own ranks.  However, individuals who develop an online presence or a reputation as an authority figure on video games may be sought out by video game companies to assist in development.  The best way to become a video game tester is to start testing video games at an amateur level.  Once you gain a reputation for the quality of your video game reviews, you can start inquiring with various video game companies about a position as a video game tester.  Video game testers can make competitive salaries and still do what they love.

The Importance of Video and Computer Games

Many consumers criticize the video game industry and claim that it is poisoning the minds of young people and even contributing to problems such as childhood obesity.  The truth, however, is that the video game industry is of cultural and economic importance.

Cultural Significance of Video Games

Video games are being discussed around the world as the next important art form that will help future cultures and civilizations understand a little bit about our current way of life.  Before there were movies or television or video games, artists expressed themselves by creating beautiful works of art on canvases or out of stone.  These works of art were created to help artists deal with, process and describe the state of civilization. Looking back, we can learn a lot about the historical culture of humanity by studying these paintings and sculptures.  Video games today are creating that same comment on the human situation as those old paintings and sculptures.  Video games are being designed by talented artists with a passion for creating beautiful scenery.  The storylines in video games are equivalent to great novels and poems were written by talented authors in history.  Some video game storylines are incredibly moving or highly creative.  Video games are no longer just a recreational time waster. Instead, they are profound commentaries on life in the twenty-first century.

The Economic Effect of Video Games

The world of video games is a billion dollar industry.  This world provides millions of different jobs to various people with various different experience levels and educational backgrounds.  Video game companies employ everyone from top executives to marketing strategists to graphic designers to janitors.  The video game industry is a huge boost to the world economy, and if video games were to disappear, millions of people would be left without jobs and the economy would almost certainly collapse.  This sounds like a dramatic way to describe the video game industry, but the world has come to rely heavily on video games as a type of recreation.  The United States of America, especially, has a huge population of avid video game enthusiasts who spend a lot of their time playing the latest video games.  Each time they purchase a new video game, they pour money into the economic system and help contribute to people’s salaries.  The next time you roll your eyes at the video game industry, consider the important effect it is having on economic success.

Classic Video Game Consoles and Games

The world of video games is changing on a daily basis.  New video game consoles are being released yearly, and these new consoles are completely replacing the older and outdated models. However, many nostalgic consumers yearn for simpler days and collect classic video game consoles and games.

Collecting Video Game Consoles and Games

Collecting video games and video game consoles from the past can be a great way to preserve an important part of human history.  Video games are being touted as the art form of the future.  Many art historians believe that video games may serve the same purpose to future generations as classic paintings serve the current generation.  When we study a classic painting by Michelangelo or Rembrandt, we can understand a little bit about what their world was like.  People in the future may be able to glean the same level of understanding from video games that are being created right now. In order to preserve history, however, some people need to collect and care for old video game consoles and video games.  A collection of this nature may one day prove to be very valuable as well.  Many consumers simply throw away or sell their older consoles when they purchase a newer model. You can be one of the few who saves classic consoles and invests in classic consoles and one day amass of a valuable collection.

Where to Find the Classics

Many consumers fondly remember the video games of their childhood but don’t know where to look to find classic video games and classic video game consoles. Sadly, many of these older video game consoles are being destroyed or discarded, and the original manufacturers are no longer releasing classic video game consoles and games because newer, more advanced models are monopolizing the market.  If you don’t want your children to grow up in a world without the Super Mario Bros. or Duck Hunt, you might want to check your local area for vintage video game stores so that you can purchase a piece of history for yourself. Many comic book and video game stores have classic video game consoles and games for sale.  You can also find classic video game consoles and games through online bid sites and marketplaces such as eBay or Craigslist.  These online marketplaces are great ways to find the consoles and games that you are searching for.

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Best Video Game Stories

Many people criticize the video game industry without truly understanding it. While early video games feature very basic storylines, and some featured no stories at all, video games today feature complex storylines that make them very creative works of art.

What Makes a Video Game Story So Great?

Many consumers mistakenly believe that avid video game aficionados are mindless, careless and lazy humans with nothing better to do than stare at a computer screen and shoot at whatever moves.  The opposite is true: video game players are savvy, intelligent people who know the difference between cheap video games that use visual tricks to amaze and real, intelligent video games with complex and engaging storylines.  A good video game story will captivate your mind and your heart and make you care about the protagonist as he or she navigates through the video game world.  A good video game story will draw you away from reality and encourage you to believe in the fiction that is being displayed before your very eyes.  A good video game story will leave you wanting more.  It will surprise you.  It will delight you.  It will infuriate you.  A good video game story will read like a book and play out like the best movie you have ever seen.

Halo: One of the Best Video Game Stories

Halo, a game released for Microsoft’s Xbox video game consoles, is largely celebrated as one of the most revolutionary video games ever created.  It is noteworthy for its impressive visual display and creative creations such as alien life forms and an incredible weapons arsenal.  However, its most profound accomplishment is its deep and heart-engaging storyline.  People love the Halo games, not for the impressive graphics, but for the intense and exhilarating story.  Halo follows the journey of the Master Chief, a member of a super-human race who is on a quest to save all of humanity and all sentient life in the universe.  The obstacles that the main character encounters along the way are at times terrifying and at other times awe-inspiring.  The Master Chief is aided by humans, robots, and even artificial intelligence programs that all have unique parts to play in the overall storyline.  The Master Chief is also betrayed, threatened, and challenged by a variety of other important characters. The storyline of Halo is so profound and entrancing that many books have been written about the video game so that players can immerse themselves further in the Halo universe.