Top 9 Fast and furious remote control car reviews 2020


After reading full Fast and Furious remote control car reviews you will be inspired to buy it!

The Fast and Furious is the action-packed global film franchise made on speed, plus pounding stunt, and supercharged cars.

Inspired by the hero vehicle in the Fast Eight movie and ready for battle, this car is really big!

Many times the price of a real Furious car is very quite a few “Zeros” away from being viable. Well, consider buying a car which is actually a fraction of the size for a fraction of the price?

The Fast and Furious remote and radio controlled car market is one way to live the dream of being a differ or dicer on your very indoor streets.

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Fast and Furious famous for the car industry and people also deserves some mention. The Chevrolet Corvette is possibly the most well known Chevy of all time, getting elegant and powerful having its status like sporting events collapsible. The inside of this model is fully comprehensive to match the finished exterior, which we believe provides this RC an exclusive look. Compared to other other RC this car also offers a completely independent suspension method to keep a smooth ride, and this allows it to glide over the road effortlessly. This is a best remote control car for grass. In addition to being fully qualified by GM: Chevy, this model has a procedure molded body to fill in the excellent unique design. You will need one 9v battery to perform the car and a further 2 AA batteries for your remote control.

Pros and cons



Spectacular scale model car

Affordable price

Great car of action

Best Corvette remote Control car

Nice looking car

Made in the USA

Great Customer review


No Included Batteries

Too slow for outdoor use

#2 1967 Ford Mustang GT Radio Control Vehicle

The well-known manufacturer with regards to highly detailed die-cast models highlights their first brand of luxury RC vehicles. Maisto Pro Rodz RC Series is actually “luxurious” or as they say. “bling. It is the best remote control car for 7 year old boy, he’d definitely be using dental floss this ride. To explain the how detailed Maisto 1:24 scale Pro Rodz Series RC vehicle is like trying to describe that bittersweet taste in your mouth after biting into a new flavor of skittles. It’s Sorta hard to describe in words. You have to really see how perfectly comprehensive this vehicle is. It’s so perfectly comprehensive, it can just look pretty in a display case. You could just possibly keep it inside of its packaging.. but what’s fun in this?

Pros and cons


Style R/C Controlled with multiple frequencies

Looking very nice

Nice Reverse steering

Two AA batteries include

Very cheap price

Classic car

Sturdy and solid

Very speed racer car


No high power

Remote range only 3 feet

Too small

#3 Ford Mustang Radio Controlled Car

You’re ready to put down the handheld devices and prepare for an adventure! Run outside the house for a lot of high-speed fun with the Ford Mustang Boss radio-controlled car. Having a 1:18scale ratio, this model race car is able to put its rubber, gripping tires and fully-operational LED front lights to make use of whipping around small corners in the daylight or at night. Well-known Mustang details conserve the accuracy in replication and give a high-end, luxury finish. Use an extensive range of vehicular motions with functional front and back revocation that is sure to thrill adult and child participants alike. Regardless of whether you desire to race with a friend or break your own private records, this radio-controlled sports vehicle will offer endless amusement. XQ Toys’ mission is to continually focus on “Excellence” and Quality” in the design and style and production of our radio-controlled toys. In application, we pursue a combined invention and complicated modern technology. This is a best remote control car for 10 year old boy I recommend it.

Pros and cons


Very good looking and nice handle

Excellent speed car

Indoor and outdoor use

Great customer review

Top quality car

Very affordable price

Include LED light


Some disappointed in this car

Short warrant

#4 Remote Control Lamborghini Reventon

Attempting to beat an additional mid-day of the feeling of boredom? Don’t worry about it! Pull off with your Lamborghini Reventon replica and lastly fulfill your need for speed. Fully functioning and radio controlled, this Lamborghini Reventon can zip around corners just like the genuine thing! It’s full perform ability enables it to advance in any path: ahead, reverse, stop, right and justify. Maintains your wheels in perfect positioning with variable entrance controls position. The practical outside, rims and tires are detailed to such precision that it is little prominence may be the only thing that sets it in addition to the iconic Ferrari Reventon. The outside paint is finished using a polished complete and the entire body is expertly made with fine-crafted materials. Runoff by at speeds of up to 8 miles-per-hour. This RC car is designed in a 1:18 scale to an authentic Ferrari Reventon. Your remote control signal should be able to reach up to Thirty feet away. It is the best remote control car for 12 year old loves it.

Pros and cons


Best Radio control car

Using Rechargeable batteries

The great looking RC car

Great customer reviews

Easy to get up and running

Excellent working

Very durable

Best cheap price


Not include warranty information

Few people think Bad control

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#5 Anki Overdrive: Fast & Furious Edition

Anki Overdrive continues to be one of our favorite toys from the past couple of years. It’s fundamentally slot-racing but without making use of slots. And it’s app-controlled. Oh, and you will ‘shoot’ your competitors, virtually change your vehicle, and play single-player against AI-driven robot cars. So it’s a lot more like revved-up slot-racing (then fitted with a mini-gun and given a wax’n’polish).

This model is designed across the Fast & Furious movies, with new cars plus a flashy type of the app that allows you to definitely race Dom, Hobbs and the remainder of the gang. It’s exactly the same awesome Overdrive motion, but with added character and a new track piece.

#Pros and Cons


Super upgrade system RC Car

Easy to change the track control system

Slick app

Super themed Vehicles

Single player action versus Clever Al

Battles and time trials add variety

All kids love it

Great customer feedback


Not cheap to expand

#6 Traxxas Rustler XL-5

The Rustler is a two-wheel-drive car. Although four-wheel-drive vehicles usually have better traction force in loose terrain, the Rustler’s wise functions ensure it is suitable for driving off-road. It offers total suspension, which will help to keep up treatments for unequal or rocky terrain and makes cornering simple. If however, you wonder a touch too remote the beaten path, its braking and preventing abilities assist you to keep it from getting caught up.

The Rustler is operated by a seven-cell Ni-MH battery and it is able to reach speeds as high as 35 mph. Because of the extremely high rates of speed, this model isn’t suitable for young kids. Instead, it’s made to provide the flexibility and gratification that will help older RC car aficionados enter into the hobby and discover its numerous opportunities.

#Pros and Cons


Super XL- Electronic speed control

Great deal for an RC car

Looking very nice

Powerful speed

Seven cell battery with charger

Very good customer feedback and services

Waterproof RC car

An electronic speed control system

Include titan 12 turns 550 Modified Motor

Order the AC adaptor to charge this

Really durable and affordable price


Waste of money

A battery will hold a charge

#7 Traxxas Rustler Vxl 2WD Brushless Stadium Truck

The 2WD Rustler VXL includes Traxxas balance operations and Velineon brushless strength using the fun and sturdiness to produce Rustler the #1 marketing electric powered Ground speed. Velineon strength releases Rustler VXL to rates of speed outside of 70mph (with recommended 3S lipo power packs). new Traxxas stability operations enable arrow-straight speed on smooth areas without having lost control.

Tim additionally tends to make very fast cornering improvements in the shadows for you, without unpredicted negative effects. The Velineon VXL-3s ESC works with the 3500 motors for extreme power, smooth starts, and precise control while its brushless design decreases wear and friction. The VXL-3s provides 3 driving modes: sport, race, and training mode. Instruction mode limits power to 50% to allow new drivers to gain encounter. Velineon accepts standard 7-cell NiMH batteries up to 3S 11.1V LiPos (sold separately) using its incorporated low-voltage safety. Water-resistant consumer electronics allow Rustler VXL the liberty they are driving through water, mud, and snowfall.

#Pros and Cons


Awesome RC Car


Easy to control system

Waterproof RC car

Digital High torque 2075 servo

Best transmission with steel gears

Include GRN memory for


Not enough power

Batteries and Charger sold separately

#8 Redcat Racing EPX Drift Car

Moving is really a style of driving from where the line between control and chaos is actually challenged. A variety of 27T 540 covered engine and unique RC drift tires enable the Super EPX Drift to slide very easily around corners while keeping a stable ahead energy. Shaft driven 4WD assists in maintaining control while moving and also the lightweight plastic chassis makes restoration easy. A forward and reverse ESC allow the Lightning EPX Drift to out of the home problems so the drifting fun can continue. A 2.4 GHz. radio system gives dependable control for manipulation multiple corners inside of seconds. Aluminum capped oil filled bumps and flexible impartial headgear allow drivers to tune the vehicle to their liking.

Prepared to run the Lightning EPX Drift comes complete with standard rechargeable battery pack and charger. Quit driving within the lines and employ the entire road with the Lightning EPX Drift

Features. Motor Type – Electric Brushed 27T 540. Transmission – Ahead and Change. Drive System – 4 Wheel Drive. Length – 360 mm Width – 200 mm Top – 112 mm Wheelbase – 260 mm Floor Discounted – 4.5 mm Chassis Type – Plastic. Shocks – Metal Entire body Oil Filled.

#Pros and Cons


Pretty sweet for the price

Well worth the money

Good looking RC car

Very good entry lever RC Drift car

Nice customer services

Best for birthday gift

Funny RC Car


Indoor RC car

Best for beginner RC car


Not enough power

#9 Redcat Racing Brushless Electric Tornado

Go away your competition in a flutter of dust using the exciting Tornado EPX PRO. This mini cyclone of muscle mass provides you with a speed regulator and brushless motor defining it as easy to operate and control either off or on the track. This bold RC RTR buggy comes complete having an electric powered brushless 3300KV 540 Novatech motor, 4 wheel drive, forward/reverse transmitting plus a couple of channel 2.4GHz radio. The Tornado EPX PRO is fully designed with soft substance knobby off-road tires, vivid thermoplastic body armor, lightweight aluminum capped oil filled shocks, battery, and charger. Operating at speeds much like nitro vehicles, this buggy is able to go almost away from the box. Just add 8 AA batteries towards the remote and you’re simply ready to spice up your personal channel environment.

#Pros and Cons


Best performance

Durability and good design

Best remote control car

Best services and support

Good looking RC car

Outstanding value for an RC car

Super fun to drive

Affordable price

Very easy to control system


Not enough power for the drive

Some problem control system

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#Bottom line

RC cars aren’t just a childhood classic, they are able to make you a part of the heart-stopping chases that the Furious series enjoys to thrill its viewers with. It is possible to take these little machines almost anyplace, like when you’re taking a holiday trip and the kids wish to bring a toy or two along at home. An RC a very good idea for keeping them entertained and outdoors instead of constantly staring at a T.V.screen. This is also a good learning prospect for children who may be interested in cars or wish to work with cars in the future. Your kids also happy with the Fast and Furious Racing car. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. As an amazon associate, we earn affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases.