Hayward Tigershark Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Hayward TigerShark continues to prevail as one of the world’s leading robotic pool cleaners and for good reason. Due to its enhanced capabilities and quality performance it lands as number two on our list of best pool cleaners. This unit encompasses all that is good with robotic pool cleaners. It is extremely user friendly, and offers a dependable and quality pool cleaning. The independent built in motor and filtration system gives it advantages that even the best pressure and suction side cleaners can never have. It’s hard to beat the convenience of being able to plug it in to a regular outlet, dropping it in the pool and letting it go work. If performance, convenience and reliability are at the top of your list then the Hayward Tigershark Robotic Pool Cleaner

Is the way to go?

The Hayward Pool Cleaner with Quick Clean Technology is an in-ground robotic pool cleaner that will automatically calculate the size of your pool and program itself for the most efficient route. Hayward Tigershark Robotic Pool Cleaner is ideal for in ground plaster and fiberglass pools. There is an on-board pump which will clean debris from the walls as well as the steps and floor of your pool. Unlike other robotic pool cleaners the Hayward Tiger Shark QC uses an easy to clean reinforced cartridge filter instead of bags.

Ideally suited for pools that are twenty by forty feet, this pool cleaner has a fifty five foot cord and can clean an average pool in a couple hours. All that is required of you is to place the unit into your pool and watch it go. Hayward has engineered this product to be easier to install for homeowners and requires less maintenance than other robotic pool cleaners. It also uses less energy than suction cleaners or pressure cleaners, which makes it ideal for an environmentally friendly pool owner.

The design is easy to operate. You simply plug it in and go. There are no additional tools required. The pool cleaner has a shut-off function that automatically powers down at the end of the cleaning cycle—which lasts for roughly two hours. There is an on-board smart computer built into this automatic pool vacuum which calculates your pool size and ensures the most efficient pattern, resulting in a spotless pool. The cleaner brushes will scrub your pool while it vacuums the sides and the steps. The reinforced cartridge element in the pool cleaner eliminates the need for bags. There is an additional safety measure that other pool cleaners lack: the 24 DC volts motor which is also energy efficient.

The filters are simple to clean and the unit can be stored in a matter of minutes. Be careful when you remove the Tiger Shark unit from the water, sometimes a small amount of dirt will fall out back into the water. Overall the Tiger Shark robotic pool cleaner is very reliable and easy to use compared to other pool cleaners. It is also up to 94% more energy efficient vs. suction side and pressure side pool cleaners

Hayward SharkVac

Hayward has produced a robotic pool cleaner called the Hayward RC9740WCCUB SharkVac that is said to be an “innovative pool cleaner with plenty of bite.” In an age where everything costs so much, it is great to find manufacturers that are taking the high cost of living into consideration and attempting to make items more affordable and as energy efficient as possible. It is said that the Hayward SharkVac operates on an energy level equivalent to that of a household light bulb, making it one of the most cost effective pool vacuums as far as energy efficiency is concerned.

So what makes this robotic pool vacuum any different to all the others on the market? One answer to that is the filtration system. The debris chamber and filtration cartridges are accessible from the top of the vacuum instead of the bottom like so many others. This makes ease of cleaning so much easier. This vacuum is also compatible with any pool surface and as a floor specific cleaner it does a great job of scrubbing and cleaning the surfaces of your pool. When it comes to cleaning, you expect your vacuum to clean thoroughly and that is exactly what the SharkVac does. This model comes with two, fine porosity filters to ensure that even the smaller particles that are often justify behind are sucked up and kept within the filter. Suction power and filtration is not always enough when it comes to stubborn dirt. The Hayward SharkVac has hard working scrubbing brushes that will scrub away most stubborn grime so that you won’t have to do any scrubbing work yourself.

Unfortunately, with everything there is always a downside. The reason for this is that no one product can ever satisfy everyone in every circumstance. The downside to this robotic cleaner is that it tends to be slightly on the heavy side when lifting it out of the pool. The solution to this is to simply let it drain a minute or two before lifting it out of the pool completely. By doing this you can go from a machine that weighs between 40 and 50 pounds when full of water to one that weighs 15 pounds once drained. One other complaint is that this model is not able to vacuum the steps of the pool but that is really not an issue since it takes only a few minutes to sweep the dirt off manually.

The Hayward Sharkvac Robotic pool cleaner goes beyond what it is designed to do by cleaning the sides of the pool right up to the water line. It sticks to the sides perfectly, scans the pool and is able to program itself to clean in the most energy efficient pattern. It has a quick clean technology so your pool will be sparkling and completely clean in an hour. It works silently and thoroughly, can be stored away on its handy caddy has plenty of electrical cable so it can maneuver around your pool with ease. Cost effective and super cleaning function makes this robotic cleaner a great buy.

Hayward SharkVAC XL

When deciding on a pool cleaner for your pool, there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration. Firstly you have to look at the shape of your pool and that includes the slope of the sides of your pool as well. If your pool has an irregular shape or one with lots of tight corners and bends then you might need to spend some extra time researching which vacuum to buy since these shapes are not always easy to clean. Next you need to look at the surface of your pool and that means what material it is made from being gunite, vinyl or fiberglass. Your vinyl and fiberglass pools tend to have a more slippery surface while the gunite pool has a rougher surface and all these will affect how a pool vacuum functions. Size also does matter to some vacuums so look for one that is designed to be able to vacuum your size pool.

When it comes to the Hayward SharkVac XL you are looking at a vacuum that uses up to 94% less energy and in this day and age that is a great saving. As far as the filter system goes, it comes with two filters with fine pores for better cleaning. These can be cleaned easily with your garden hose then replaced into the top access canister. With its onboard technology, the SharkVac is able to ascertain the size of your pool and program itself so that it moves and cleans in the most efficient way possible. It operates independently from your pools own power and filtration system so as not to draw extra power from your pool pump. This little gadget also has sensors that increase the safety and durability of your vacuum. The first sensor is the out-of-water sensor and it is designed to prevent the motor from running out of water thus prevent your vacuum motor from accidently burning out when not submerged in the water. The second sensor is called the beach entry sensor and is there to ascertain when the vacuum has climbed above the water level, making it turn around and move back into the water. Two great features that could be costly should either of these two events accidently happen. This robotic comes with a two year warranty as well which should add to your peace of mind that should something go wrong, you are indeed covered.

There are con’s to this great little machine, unfortunately and the first is that the cartridge is not as easy to remove and clean as one would think. When excessive debris is caught between the filter and its housing, it is a struggle to get the filter out. In pools that have ladders, the SharkVac has been known to get stuck behind the stairs causing it to shut off rather than free itself.

All in all the Hayward SharkVAC XL meets your expectations, provided that they are realistic expectations, does a great job of cleaning your pool no matter the size or shape

Hayward Navigator

The Hayward Navigator is popular amongst many pool owners. The automatic pool cleaner utilizes the patented Smart Drive steering pattern. This programmed pattern ensures every inch of your pool is cleaned quickly and thoroughly. This automatic pool vacuum has a unique turbine and gearing system which brings you constant water flow. Compared to other pool cleaners the Hayward Navigator is incredibly quiet during operation as it gently moves across the bottom of your pool.

This automatic pool vacuum has a wider cleaning path than other pool cleaners and can easily suck up pebbles as well as twigs and sand. You can also enjoy versatility in terms of the head design; unlike other pool cleaners the Hayward Navigator pool cleaner is available in deep maroon or grey colors. It is designed as a high performance cleaning machine which can be used on all in-ground pools.

Installation of the Hayward Tigershark Robotic Pool Cleaner is easy and can be completed in just five to ten minutes. Once it is installed it can clear your pool in less than three hours. As it cleans this automatic pool vacuum harnesses your pool’s natural water flow through its built in filtration system. This drives it in an alternating series of justify hand turns and right hand turns to ensure an efficient cleaning path and thorough cleaning. The Hayward Navigator is below average speed compared to other pool cleaners and as it tends to miss areas and over-visit certain areas in your pool.

The Hayward Navigator comes with a two year warranty—close to standard for many top of the line pool cleaners. However it seems that during the two year warranty and especially right after you will have to replace many of the small parts. They are prone to breaking easily and are not that cheap to replace. They can also—if they crack and break off—jam the turbine. The good news is the set up is simple and the instructions are very clear for not just the installation but assembly of replacement parts.

Other than that the Hayward Tigershark Robotic Pool Cleaner is pretty efficient, reliable and very quiet. For standard home owners who are looking for a quiet pool cleaner that cleans in a decent time frame and can pick up small debris then the Hayward Navigator is your answer. The Hayward Navigator is priced in the mid range for pool cleaners, a bit higher than some of the other suction cleaners.