How To Change Frequency On Remote Control Car

Remote Control cars can offer enormous happiness to us, but the frequency isn’t satisfactory often. Installations of batteries can increase the speed fast and boost up the energy of gear. On the place of typical cells, you can set up lithium batteries for frequency.

Some other aspects are also assigned to this situation. Modifications of the Motor, gear, and tires also have a significant function in this circumstance. Removing excess weight from structure also plays an important role in how to change frequency on remote control cars. This process to change frequency is a tricky work; otherwise, motor function cannot be begun again.

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How to change frequency on the remote control car:

To set up the RC car frequency, you have to go through the following six fundamental steps:

Step:1- Replacement of Motor :

Learn about Motor, it’s the type, and upgrades it. Brushed motors are ideal for apprentices. With gaining experience day by day, you will be prepared to use brushless motors. To upgrade the brushless motors is an extraordinary manner to change the frequency of remote control cars.

Brushed motors can’t speed up like brushless motors. This Motor can boost up speed more productively. Brushless motors are available in the shop of remote control cars and appliances. You can get a brushless motor from an online shop also.

Brushless motor is more beneficial than a brushed motor. It can create electricity into motions and lose some energy with traction through the brushless Motor is a guaranteed way for speed and power. But this Motor isn’t easy to drive by unskilled drivers.

Step:2- Adjustable Steering gear:

The easiest way to increase the speed of remote control cars is adjusted gear; it is also the cheapest way for this problem. Metal Pinion gear and Plastic Spur gear are two interlocked circular gears on remote control cars. Both of these gears can stimulate a reasonable speed.

The pinion gear is made of Aluminum, steel, or titanium. Various sizes of gears are easily adjusted with Rc cars. Though speed increasing is our expectation, so replace both gears from their place. Normally, higher teeth of pinion gear increase the car’s speed.

But if you launch too many teeth of the pinion gear at once, it can make the temperature of the car high. So choose a small size pinion gear with fewer teeth. It helps you increase the frequency of Rc cars. It never helps the temperature acceleration.

The spur gear is plastic and larger gear which is connected to the pinion gear. You need a larger spur gear and smaller pinion gear to get speed more. It is one of the simplest processes to accelerate the RC frequency.

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Step:3- Change the tires:

Wrong tires may decrease your speed of Rc car. For faster speed, you must change your tires. Cheaper tires are not a good option as they are not long-lasting.

Full spikes tires are the best option for slippery places and mini spikes for covering. Evaluating the perfect tire for your demanded vehicles can boost up the RC car speed. Softer tires recommended for a paved road.

Those who want all-rounder tires they can use mini spikes. It makes an internal balance with the casing, grip, and batteries. Choosing mini spikes to tire with threads becomes your ultimate solution to speed up Rc cars.

Step:4- Removing extra weight:

Replacing the heavy parts can reduce the extra weight of your Remote Control car. It is the easiest way to make your car faster than before. Aluminum, Graphite, light carbon are lightweight materials which help you to reduce the weight. All these materials can reduce the pressure upon the wheels and battery.

Sometimes the difference needs so little space to reach the borderline. In that time, replacing one or two parts makes a surprising difference. If you are skilled, cut off some unnecessary and massive pieces besides the battery.

Step:5- Changing of the batteries:

To boost up the speed of your Rc car, you can change the batteries. Changing batteries from NiMh to Li-Po batteries makes an incredible discrepancy in speed. Li-po batteries are light in weight and can increase the speed.

But this battery is expensive and difficult to use. So you have to see the user manual before buying this Li-po battery. You can discuss with someone whether this battery will suit your Rc car or not. To charge this battery, you need a perfect charger also.

If your car runs with 2-cell Li-Po, you can install 3-cell Li-Po, which one is more potent in voltage. But this one is a little bit heavy. Which Rc car runs by 3-cell Li-Po battery, these are difficult to monitor. Be responsible for remote control frequency also.

Be careful about the battery power and Rc car types, because the wrong placement of battery can damage your vehicles. This battery is not the same as a TV remote battery.

Step:6- Practice of Control the car:

There are so many people who spent lots of money to speed up their Rc car but don’t want to know about the maintenance accurately. So practice is the central procedure to boost up your Rc cars. It is the most essential but cost-free way to change the frequency of your vehicle; otherwise, you may suffer a lot but can not get rid of this dilemma.

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Final Thought:

To follow the above technique, you may realize how to change the frequency of remote control cars. Those who follow the procedure of changing frequency will be the winner of a race.

It is not mandatory; you must have luxurious cars to win the race. Nevertheless, you have to guide the vehicle systematically. Be sure about the capacity of your Rc vehicle before applying a massive power battery or any other clue. It may damage all your practice for the race. Learn about Remote control cars then follow the technique to change frequency and enjoy your race day.