Best Stuffed Animals to Sleep With, History, Washing Process and Many more 2020

Stuffed animals have a long and unique history amongst the peoples of this world. Stuffed animals have been child playthings for several decades, even centuries, and the stuffed animals that are held and adored by toddlers today may have only a small resemblance to the stuffed animals of years past.  Understanding the history of stuffed animals can help stuffed animal collectors appreciate the rich history of toys in general and may add a cultural and historical element to their collections.  Stuffed animals have undergone a lot of changes over the years, and many antique stuffed animals are made with different materials and feature different animal images than the stuffed animals that are common today. Regardless of the way the stuffed animal looks, however, stuffed animals have long been adored by children and occupied a special place in their hearts and souls.  Stuffed animals are more like companions than toys, and children have relied on stuffed animals for comfort and companionship for many years. Form the list below you will find the best stuffed animals to sleep with.

Best Stuffed Animals for Cuddling, Boyfriend and Your Child

What are Stuffed Animals?

Stuffed animal toys are not to be confused with stuffed animals that are prepared with taxidermy methods.  Those stuffed animals are actual animals that were once living and are prepared with special scientific procedures so that they can be preserved and displayed in individual homes. Stuffed animal toys are fabric creations that are stuffed with cotton or polyester filling to make them plush and cuddly for children.  Stuffed animals come in a variety of sizes, colors, materials and styles.  Some stuffed animals are representative of jungle animals or other animals while other stuffed animals look like pop culture characters from movies or television shows.

The History of Stuffed Animals

The earliest stuffed animals were made by parents for their children. These early stuffed animals were made in a time when stores did not exist. Some parents would make toys for their children using animal pelts.  As time went on, stuffed animals were constructed out of textiles and fabrics and sewed by mothers for their young children.  The sock monkey is one of the most recognizable historical stuffed animals. Made out of old socks, a stuffed sock monkey was a cute little animal with button eyes and stitched on mouth.  Stuffed animals were often stuffed with old rags or with cotton batting.  Today, stuffed animals are manufactured and widely distributed and are made with artificially crafted materials and fabrics.

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Pop Culture Stuffed Animals

Some stuffed animals are modeled after characters from pop culture television shows or movies.  Disney characters are some of the most commonly seen stuffed animals.  The reason pop culture stuffed animals are so popular is that these stuffed animals allow children to interact with and play with their favorite characters from their favorite movies.  A child has a very vivid imagination, and even though the child will know that the stuffed animal is not real and is not the actual character from the movie or television show, he or she can create realistic scenarios in his mind in which the stuffed animal plays a major and significant role.

How to Wash Stuffed Animals in Washing Machine

Stuffed animals get a lot of tough love from their child owners, and it may become necessary for a parent to toss the stuffed animal into the washing machine to clean away all of the jam, dirt, ice cream stains, and grass stains that have accumulated.

Washing Care Instructions

Most stuffed animals today come with washing care instructions printed on a fabric tag somewhere on the stuffed animal. If you choose to cut this tag off so that your child doesn’t have to deal with a tag on his or her stuffed animal, you may want to save the tag for reference.  Most stuffed animals can be washed in a washing machine with cold water on the gentle cycle.  Harsh agitation may cause the stuffing in a stuffed animal to be damaged or to become concentrated in one part of the stuffed animal.  This may cause the stuffed animal to look misshapen or deformed when the wash cycle is complete.  A gentle cycle or hand wash cycle will help to avoid this issue. When the wash cycle is complete, you can gently tumble dry most stuffed animals until they are as good as new.

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A Washing Machine Bath

It is important to comfort your child when it is time to wash his or her special stuffed animal for the first time. Many children are unaccustomed to being separated from their favorite stuffed animal, and you may need to explain to them that a washing machine is not a dangerous machine for their stuffed animal.  If your child becomes distressed at the thought of putting their favorite stuffed animal into the scary washing machine, you can explain to them that stuffed animals need bath time just like children need bath time.  It is important to remember that a stuffed animal is like a child’s best friend, and great care needs to be taken to make sure the child understands that the stuffed animal is in no real danger. You might want to have your child watch the stuffed animal in the washing machine as the water fills up around it.  You can even have your child add the detergent himself so that he is taking responsibility for the cleanliness of his stuffed animal. If your child is too distressed by the separation from her stuffed animal, you might want to wash the stuffed animal after the child has fallen asleep.

Stuffed Animals Go Green

The preservation of the ecosystem is becoming a more and more important priority for many humans, and this is a very good thing.  For years, humans have existed without any conscious awareness of the importance of preserving the basic ecosystem of our world.  This has caused many problems including pollution of the air and of the soil and the senseless usage of many of the world’s natural resources. Unless a dramatic change occurs in how we use the world’s resource, humanity may destroy the natural balance of the earth and leave a permanent footprint on this earth.  Humanity has already had a negative effect on much of the earth. Earth’s species are dying out because of habit infiltration and some species are dying because of pollution of the water or the air.  The green trend is a trend that is encouraging consumers to use resources more responsibly. This trend is appearing in the stuffed animal world. Raising Green Awareness with Stuffed Animals

Some stuffed animals are created to raise awareness of the importance of going green.  These stuffed animals may be made by various charitable organizations and causes to raise awareness amongst young children of the importance of protecting the earth’s natural resources and preserving the ecosystems of the earth.  When children are made aware of various important causes, they are actually able to influence their parents to take action.  Children are also the future of this world, and children can make a difference where older generations failed to take action.  Because children have such a special relationship with their stuffed animals, green stuffed animals may make a permanent impression on young and impressionable minds.

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Green Materials for Stuffed Animals

Some stuffed animals are made using green materials such as recycled fabrics and recycled stuffing. These green stuffed animals take the green movement to another level.  The stuffed animals themselves are ecologically friendly which means that children who own these stuffed animals have not had any negative effect on the earth’s environments.  Green stuffed animals may cost more to make, but they are protecting the earth’s natural resources by using items that might otherwise have been discarded and ended up as landfill material.  Green stuffed animals can be purchased by eco-conscious parents who want to teach their children the value of the green movement and of protecting the earth.  With green stuffed animals, even a child can make a difference.

Baby Tiger Stuffed Animals – Plushies For a Cause

Baby tiger stuffed animals are plushies for a cause. These plush stuffed animals are being created and distributed to help raise funds and awareness for various charitable organizations that are attempting to preserve the beautiful and unique animal species of this world.  Without these animal species, the world would be a much less vibrant and less interesting place to live.  However, humans are killing off beautiful animal species with no regard for the life of this planet.

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Exotic Animal Stuffed Animals

Exotic animal stuffed animals like baby tigers, lions and even arctic animals such as polar bears and seals can actually help to raise awareness about issues such as animal preservation and animal extinction.  There are thousands of animals that are being threatened with extinction today because of poaching and environmental encroachment.  Humans are destroying more and more of the natural world and are thus destroying some animals’ habitats. When the natural habitat is destroyed, animals must either adapt or perish.  Stuffed animals may help to raise awareness about the dangers threatening certain animals.  When children care about the state of the world and the future of animal species, they can get their parents to care and make a difference.  Without passionate children, many parents wouldn’t really care about the future of a particular animal species.

Stuffed Animals for a Cause

There are many stuffed animals that are used for more than just providing comfort and companionship to small children. Some stuffed animals are used to raise awareness or raise funding for a  specific cause or charity.  Stuffed animals are iconic, and charity organizations know that they can use stuffed animals to get people interested in a specific charitable organization or environmental cause.  Many people use stuffed animals as giveaways, and these stuffed animals are modeled after a character that has been specifically created to represent the cause in question.  Stuffed animals like baby tigers and other exotic animals may be used to raise awareness of ecological and animal preservation issues.  Because stuffed animals are not very expensive to make, many charitable organizations use stuffed animals as a way to actually raise funding for their cause.  They can sell these stuffed animals for a  profit and donate those profits to a charity of their choice.  Many charities are using stuffed animals to increase their profits and thereby increase the effect that their actions have on the world.